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Married returns to protect Cospedal despite being charged in the ‘Kitchen case’

María Dolores de Cospedal leaving the Congress on the second day.  In the background, Ignacio López, her husband, also accused in the Kitchen case.

María Dolores de Cospedal leaving the Congress on the second day. In the background, Ignacio López, her husband, also accused in the Kitchen case.
Jose Luis Roca

When these months ago he was asked about the corruption of the PP, Pablo Casado said that he, in this new stage, is not going to “miss one”. However, the accusation of former Secretary General María Dolores de Cospedal in the ‘Kitchen case’ has made her break that maxim. The president of the conservatives has not opened an information file, despite the fact that its statutes mark it, something that he did with Jorge Fernandez Diaz, investigated in that same scandal. He was the Minister of the Interior when, supposedly, the Government of Mariano Rajoy organized the “Kitchen operation” to eliminate evidence of corruption of the PP that was in the power of Luis Bárcenas.

This privileged treatment of the former secretary general has now been reinforced with a paper, advanced by ‘Infolibre’ and to which this newspaper has had access, in which the parliamentary group has requested the Board of Congress, chaired by Meritxell Batet, that he considers his appearance in the commission of investigation on the ‘Kitchen’ for granted.

All part of June 2nd, day in which Cospedal was summoned in the afternoon in that parliamentary organ. In the morning, the news had broken that the judge had accused her and her husband, Ignacio López del Hierro. That day, the commission had started with scheduled appearances, including that of López del Hierro, who refused to testify, and José Antonio Nieto, former Secretary of State for Security. At half past two, when Nieto finished, the PP recalls in his letter, the president of the commission, Isaura Leal (PSOE), asked the spokespersons of the groups to continue the session behind closed doors. At that time, they agreed to suspend Cospedal’s appearance, scheduled for half past three, an idea unsuccessfully opposed by the PP.

The services of the Chamber telephoned the former leader to inform her, but she did not take the telephone. They also sent him an email and spoke with his secretary, who assured that she would inform him, according to PSOE sources. However, despite these efforts and the information that his colleagues in the ranks had about the postponement, Cospedal appeared minutes later to appear, an episode, in which he was seen walking the corridors of the Chamber, an episode that TVE cameras recorded.

Batet rejects the request

The PP considers that the commission “has clearly violated” the rights of the summoned and has demanded that the Table safeguard “respect for privacy and honor and the constitutional rights of the people who are called to appear“, reverse the commission’s last-minute agreement and give Cospedal” appeared. ”

The lawyers of Congress analyzed the request and have concluded that a pronouncement is not appropriate, because the investigation commissions have the autonomy to organize and adopt their agreements. Experts consider Cospedal’s appearance as “down“and they recall the possibility of recalling the same appearing party. The former secretary general will testify on the 29th before the judge.

Until the end of the year

The commission of inquiry, in which the left-wing parliamentary majority is represented, agreed to extend the continuity of its work over the next few months and postpone the appearance, among others, of Rajoy.


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