Wednesday, August 4

Married: “Sánchez cannot pretend that the Canary Islands are Lampedusa or Lesbos”

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, that this Saturday the Arguineguín pier, where there is 860 immigrants, has accused the Spanish Government of the migratory collapse that occurs in the Canary Islands, and has criticized “of the Open Arms

Pablo Casado has demanded that the Spanish Government immediately start repatriations, comply with the protocols of the European Union, and the Immigration Law, and has demanded that international cooperation be developed, and that Spain recovers lost leadership.

The president of the PP has recalled that The southern border of Europe is in the Canary Islands and has asked the Spanish Government for more means for the security forces, as well as for health personnel and non-governmental organizations, and that the surveillance services that are inactive are put in place.

Pablo Casado has accused of “cowardice” to the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, for “not showing up and yet sending numerous ministers to the crisis zone.”

Despite this, the leader of the popular has offered the Government his support in matters of security, international politics, social and health policies, and has regretted that the PSOE prefers partners such as Podemos, Bildu and Ezquerra

Pablo Casado has insisted on repatriations and national cooperation, and has said that among the immigrants arriving in the Canary Islands it seems that there are “quite a few” who have done so with documentation and come from Morocco

He has said that Spain is a privileged actor with Africa, since the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla are on that continent, and the president of the Popular Party has indicated that the vice president of the Government Pablo Iglesias “is challenging the international policy of Spain without counting with the Government and Congress.

To address the immigration situation, Pablo Casado has opined that the Government cannot be divided, and has considered that It is irresponsible for Pablo Iglesias to “attack” the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles “.

“If Podemos does not serve as a partner, the PP is at the service of the Government for state affairs,” said Pablo Casado, who recalled that immigration is a state policy.

Pablo Casado has also referred to the fact that during the time that the PP governed immigration was addressed through the defense of borders, orderly flows and cooperation, and it gave good results since 5 million arrived in Spain in an “orderly manner” of immigrants.

“The solution is invented,” added the president of the Popular Party, who declared that this drama “can’t be sustained and Pedro Sánchez cannot pretend that the Canary Islands are Lampedusa, Lesbos or the migratory plug “of the European Union.

In his opinion, “Pedro Sánchez should be here. He is not leading the crisis,” and yet he is sending ministers who cannot all offer a solution, added the PP president.

Pablo Casado has insisted on asking them to means to curb trafficking in human beings “that exploit immigrants who arrive in very difficult situations “, and he regretted that the lack of solutions from the Government has allowed the number of immigrants who have arrived in the Canary Islands to be eleven times higher than last year.

During his visit to the Arguineguín dock, Pablo Casado wanted to access the area where the immigrants are, but it has not been possible, and said that the decisions are made by the Government and it considers that the head of the opposition cannot speak with personnel of the Red Cross and other NGOs that serve immigrants on the pier.

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