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Marshawn Lynch and Tom Brady Top Guest Wish List for the Manning Brothers on ‘Monday Night Football’

When Peyton and Eli Manning have hosted their alternate broadcast “Monday Night Football” on ESPN2, there has been no shortage of guests joining them to talk about soccer.

In just three weeks of “MNF” duty – weeks 1-3 before taking a hiatus to the Saints-Seahawks in Week 7 – the Manning have spoken with current and past NFL stars, as well as other sports legends. Russell Wilson, Travis Kelce and Matthew Stafford have joined in the fun. Also Ray Lewis and Brett Favre. Charles Barkley, LeBron James and Nick Saban also crossed paths, showing just how strong the siblings’ star power is.

The bad news is that everyone has missed the Manning comment for three weeks. The good news is that since his contract with ESPN calls for 10 “MNF” games this season, there will be 7 more Manning casts during the last 11 “MNF” games of the 2021 NFL season. That means plenty of opportunities for clever, humorous, and insightful banter between Peyton and Eli, along with many more celebrity guests.

With that mind, here is the ultimate wish list for who we would like to see as the third Man (ning) or woman in the virtual booth. When some of our wishes come true, SN will cross them off the list:

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Marshawn lynch

“Beast Mode” is a no-brainer for Week 7 in Seattle, given that it is a rematch of the playoff game “Beast Quake.” Also, you don’t need to be there to avoid being fined. You can play with your quirky intelligence to give the Mannings a quirky element that’s hard not to love.

Tom brady

Brady had a good record against Peyton in big games. Brady didn’t have the best record against Eli in big games. He still likes them both. It’s 100 percent happening when you get the chance. Maybe it will be Week 8, after the Brady Buccaneers play the Saints on Halloween before Week 9.

Snoop dogg

For shizzle, this would be awesome. If you can hang out with Martha Stewart and Dr. Dre, the Mannings should be somewhat the same, right? Snoop likes some Steelers, who appear twice on “MNF,” in weeks 9 and 17.

Shaquille O’Neal

Chuck chuckled at the first cast of Manning. It’s time for Peyton’s Papa John’s friend Shaq to come and present an analysis of the Great Aristotle football.

Jason Sudeikis as ‘Ted Lasso’

It would be amazing if Sudeikis appeared as her main character in the Emmy-dominating comedy. His popular accent would fit in perfectly with the Mannings. As Lasso would say, Lasso in Manning’s cast could be like being with Mr. Cooper, because he could be his brother from another mother.

Joe montana

Montana is a naturally dry and fun guy and he can have more fun with the fact that he has as many Super Bowl rings as the Mannings put together. There are multiple possibilities, between the Chiefs in Week 8 and the 49ers in Week 10.

Candace parker

She has already proven herself to be an amazing studio analyst for basketball. Oh yeah, she’s one of the greatest basketball players of all time and she just won a WNBA championship with Chicago Sky. The Bears play “MNF” in weeks 9 and 15.

Philip Rivers

If there’s any long-lasting South-fried Hall of Fame quarterback who can match the Manning’s flair for talk, he’s the guy. Plus, Rivers talking to his 2004 first-round teammate for a while would give him a respite from those never-ending parental duties in retirement.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Do we need to explain this one? It would shoot the Manning cast’s sympathy factor through the ceiling.

Steph curry

A famous brother and son who play basketball meet famous brothers and sons who play football. Reserve.

Katy Perry

We chose this girl because we like her. Perry is still the best guest on College GameDay. She could also be the best guest on the cast of Manning.

Mark Wahlberg

The Mannings can become a funkier group with this wicked, smart, successful, and talented guest.

John madden

Boom. The Mannings need to bring video game and broadcast legend “MNF” back to television.

Michael Jordan

Jordan may remind the Mannings that he has two more championships than they have together. Also, we need something else to compare him to LeBron James.

John mcenroe

You cannot be serious. Yes, we are. Wouldn’t you love to see him join the Manning in breaking up a horrible call from an NFL official?

Barack Obama

Barry Brackets would be a dream, maybe for one of those Bears games.

George W. Bush

Former presidents with a good sense of humor are a great idea. Did you really think we like to play party favorites when it comes to the Mannings?

Matthew McConaughey

Okay, okay, okay, this has to happen in Week 12 when your favorite Washington soccer team hosts Seattle.

Samuel L. Jackson

He’s in everything else, so why not in the cast of Manning as well?

Carrie Underwood

We’ve been waiting all day for her to be on “Monday Night” too. She would be a prime-time light with the Mannings.

Adam Sandler

Sandler has to be there for sure. Bonus points if you appear as Bobby Boucher, the third most famous Louisiana-raised football player of all time.

Jennifer Lopez

Um, she’s fucking J-Lo. The Dolphins appear on “MNF” in Week 16 and Miami fans might need it by then to cheer their spirits.

Brad Pitt

Pitt is also linked to New Orleans, with his love for the Saints, who appear on “MNF” twice, in weeks 7 and 16.

Matt Damon

How do you like apples? Fresh off “The Last Duel,” the Week 13 Patriots vs. Bills would be an ideal location.

George Clooney

He could also bring in one more guy from “Ocean’s Eleven” to form the “Manning Three.” No Bengals in “MNF” hurt his chances.

Terry bradshaw

Fox has to let the fourth most famous football player of all time raised in Louisiana have a Manning cameo, right?

Brad Paisley

Manning and Paisley have good chemistry in those Nationwide ads. He would be on his side when Eli teased him over and over again.

Kenny chesney

Where Paisley is with Manning, there must also be a Chesney.

John Cena

Let’s bring some “Monday Night Raw” to the Mannings, shall we?

Frank Caliendo

Is it too early for me to make another Jon Gruden “MNF” print for the Mannings?

Jim Kelly

Let’s have a good story for when your beloved Bills take on the Patriots in Week 13, shall we?

Jay cutler

We heard Cutler got someone from ESPN in trouble. No problem here to put a crazy Vandy guy with a Vol and a Rebel. Did we mention that the Bears play “MNF” twice?

Paul rudd

Here’s the mandatory mention of the “Hard Knocks” narrator as the most famous Chiefs fan in the world other than Pitt, Sudeikis, Rob Riggle, Eric Stonestreet, Melissa Etheridge or Henry Cavill because Kansas City appears in Week 8 against the Giants. .

Cooper manning

Sometimes the third man (ning) must be the fourth real Manning.

Archie manning

Sometimes the third man (ning) must be the first real man.

Arch manning

Sometimes the third man (ning) must be the actual fifth Manning.

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