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Marta Calvo’s killer is “a deadly predator” with a “compulsion to kill” vulnerable victims

a “Deadly predator with a compulsion to kill.” A serial killer who staged each attack as a “sadistic sexual homicide” in which the “essential fantasy” was “the total attainment of dominion and power over the victim” and “to know that he has caused the death unfolding before your very eyes“It is the main one of the conclusions ofl criminological profile prepared by the doctor in Psychology and criminologist Vicente Garrido Genovés and by the criminologist and private detective Juan de Dios Vargas at the request of the private prosecution brought by the Valencian lawyer Juan Carlos Navarro on behalf of two of the three fatalities of Jorge Ignacio PJ and seven of the eight survivors.

In all cases, understand the authors of the report, it sought prostituted women due to their special condition of vulnerability and possible social isolation, which leads to them being ‘favorable’ victims because they do not usually report the attacks and humiliations they suffer, they agree to have sexual relations for payment, which makes them, in the eyes of the whore, into objects of personal use and increases that same vulnerability, given that sexual encounters usually involve dispensing with a protective psychological element such as clothing (there is a strong exposure), in addition to thinking that women in prostitution do not have enough social and family ties to be thrown out soon under or pressure to have his disappearance investigated.

Through personal interviews with several of the survivors and the analysis of the data about the murders of Arliene Ramos, Lady Marcela Vargas and Marta Calvo, committed between April 25 and November 7, 2019 in Valencia and Manuel, the authors of the report, delivered today in the Court of Instruction number 20 of València, which directs the investigation against the alleged serial killer, configure a whole method of attack, an authentic pattern of criminal conduct, with a single purpose: the murderer. The peculiarity, they collect, is the lethal weapon used: cocaine.

As this newspaper has been publishing, in all the cases in which the victim managed to survive a sexual encounter with the now incarcerated man, repeated that same pattern: I was left through a dating website where most of the women advertised themselves, always asking make ‘white party’ (accompany the sexual act with the consumption of cocaine) and, whether they agreed or not, arrived with large amounts of this drug, that introduced treacherously and with his opposition in the genitals. In the case of Lady Marcela, for example, forensics have concluded that her body had twenty times the mean maximum lethal dose of cocaine, something very difficult to justify in a voluntary consumption.

All the interviewees reiterate that they thought they were going to die during the meeting with Jorge Ignacio PJ and several of them describe it as someone “weird”, who “was scary” and who “knew he was going to do something bad to you”.

A ‘serial killer’ of manual

The report links the necessary points, based on the interviews and the data that exist in the summary from the investigation of the joint Homicide team of the Valencia Command and the UCO, to conclude what it already took, years ago and a half, to gather all the cases – they were distributed in up to five different courts – into one: that Jorge Ignacio PJ responds completely to the profile of ‘serial killer’. In the first place, he details in five points why his actions sought homicide as the ultimate goal: “In the first place, the targeting vulnerable women for the practice of prostitution: their condition as victims that cause less social alarm, women whose acts are more difficult to trace and who have less social support in the event of death or disappearance. Second, the manipulation exerted so that women give him total control of the situation by demanding that they accept the ‘white party’ while he does not consume, as well as the use he makes of substances in certain situations to render women defenseless “.

“Third,” the report continues, “the unexpected use and treason of cocaine introducing a large dose of it in areas of rapid absorption, with great purity, and whose lethality could hardly be alien to him, considering that he is a person familiar with its manipulation [ha cumplido dos condenas por narcotráfico y está acreditado que vendía cocaína desde sus casa de l’Olleria y Manuel]. Fourth, the fact that even when the woman is unconscious from intoxication, she makes an effort to anoint her body to maximize the effect of that drug, which does not make sense or sexual purpose unless the purpose is to cause the woman’s death. Fifth, the insistence on getting back with the woman who has survived the encounter where the drug has been inserted in order to achieve its purpose, which strongly suggests that the purpose of this new appointment is to cause death“.

“Obtain sadistic satisfaction of a sexual nature”

The second conclusion of the report is that the two authors claim to be facing a “serial killer” of the type known as a “deadly predator”. And so they explain: “What defines the Sexual serial killer or lethal predator is the compulsion to kill. A

In our judgment, the investigated events acquire the purpose of sexual homicides, where the ultimate goal is to obtain sadistic satisfaction of a sexual nature: contemplate the agony of the victim caused by drug intoxication. Now that agony has no

why be manifest in a spectacular way, because the fundamental thing in sadistic sexual homicide is the total obtaining of dominion and control over the other person. It is the fact of knowing that he has caused the death that is unfolding before his very eyes that

essential fantasy of the sadistic sexual murderer.

Furthermore, since sexual intercourse is by no means the motivation for staying with women, their attacks have a “sexual nature” because they take place in “a clearly sexual context” and meet one of the fundamental requirements of this type of act. criminals. Thus, the authors of the report explain that one of the criminological features of these murderers is “the inserting objects into body cavities, which clearly occurs in our case “, given that in all the documented cases against Jorge Ignacio PJ this treacherously inserted one to two centimeter stones of cocaine into the vagina and / or anus of their surviving victims, as they themselves have explained first before the Civil Guard, then before the judge and now before the two criminologists who have drawn the criminological profile of the investigated.

Finally, Garrido and Vargas were also asked to make a conclusion about what could have happened in the case of Marta Calvo and whether it is possible to determine, through the criminological analysis of the case, if he was able to murder her and what he did with her body. The two criminologists have no doubts: “The Marta Calvo’s death fits perfectly with the modus operandi and victimology shown in the other cases. It should be noted that when he hires Marta’s services, he has been ‘fired’ by another of the women: the same night that he argues with her and she throws him out with out-of-temper boxes is the same night that he finally meets Marta Calvo. This could accentuate his homicidal desire. ”

Regarding Jorge Ignacio P. J’s version: that he did not kill Marta but found her dead in bed, next to him, when he woke up late in the morning on November 7, 2019 at his home in Manuel and that, frightened, he chose to dismember her to get rid of the corpse, the report estimates that “it is highly unlikely that the perpetrator of a previously dismemberment was not the perpetrator of your death. Similarly, in the other deceased women, we find exactly the same pattern and victimology. The most logical conclusion from all of the above is to consider that before disposing of the body the accused had murdered Marta Calvo “And he adds:” On the other hand, if he did not dismember Marta’s body and simply buried it, the fact that he was lying in this regard it is a clear indicator of their criminal purpose. ”

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