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Marta Ortega or the contradictions of the old economy




A Marta Ortega They have denied him the present, which is the best way to nullify his past and condemn his future. His arrival to the presidency of Inditex has brought out all the contradictions of the most modern and flaky economy: nobody attends to the quiet and silent work that he has done during the last decades in the guts of the family business; no one notices his first order formation no longer to pilot Inditex but any other large firm worldwide; Nobody wants to see his commitment to Spain, because being able to choose any place in the world to develop professionally, he has opted for the most difficult thing, which is to sit where no one is going to recognize the merits; nobody grants him,

in short, the benefit of the doubt and they buy the damaged and directed speech that places her as the daughter of the boss; Nobody wants to see that it takes relationships to take the reins of an empire that is also the family fortune.

Marta Ortega has ahead no longer the continuity of the saga, the permanence of the talent of her lineage to make something even better out of a great thing. She is suffering in her flesh the external shocks of the meanest immobility and the terrible friendly fire of those who want to pigeonhole her as ‘daddy’s girl’. The rich heiress who is going to squander what others forged with effort. No more no less. They came to blame her for the 6% drop in the stock on the day it landed. As if it did not exist before and had come from another planet. Where are the fierce defenders of female talent now? Where was the pack of business heteropatriarchy?

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Marta Ortega has a colossal double job ahead of her: preparing Inditex for the future and demonstrating what was required of no other before in advance. He has the task of digitizing a giant company with mammoth dangers and stand up not to department stores and commercial surfaces as in past decades, but to face ocean liners like Amazon and operate in turbulent waters without a navigation chart. Because Marta is alone; in solitude in the company of large multinationals that almost no one understands and that very few know how to handle, no matter how much they believe that the experience of one sector can be extrapolated to another or one success story is automatically equivalent to the next. Hardly anyone gives credit to Ortega. Later, if he succeeds, they will say that he found it done, that others opened the way for him, and, if necessary, that he is the boss’s daughter.

The same people who criticize any gender slippage consented to an unscrupulous hunt. Some “I do believe you, Marta” has been missed

We are facing a new investment cycle, in the midst of a paradigm shift, and what has been valid until now is no longer useful. Quite the contrary: it can serve as a ballast. There you have, in front of you, the hot potato of having to close hundreds of stores and recycle employees for a future world – but it is already here – where there are no counters or drawers of clothes. There comes the need to establish a new investment plan at the height of the new era. And create a sustainable and attractive story for society, because a company is not what a couple of executives create but what its clients consider all over the world.

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Pablo Isla has closed a cycle and there is his work. But you can praise one without demolishing the other, because that is a company; that’s what legacy and generosity consist of. It happened to himself when he took over from his predecessor, Jose Maria Castellano, the one who said of himself that “behind me, the storm”, and look at the 16 years that followed. It is the syndrome of the employee who mistakes the corporation for himself. Isla does not need anyone to elevate him over a questioned Ortega to enlarge his work because it is a ‘lose-lose’. Surely any large foundation or social work will raffle off to Isla starting next April so that it combines its deep knowledge of private business with its sensitivity to the public, but for that it would not be necessary to demolish the image of whoever had to retire. They imagine? Well, that is how unnecessary are the fields strewn with mines and doubts with which they have received the brand new president of Inditex. Because that is what it is and that is how it should be in the economic field: the president, before the daughter; the executive, before the heir.

The biggest flaw of ungrateful people is that they don’t pay back what they owe whenever they can, perhaps because those who get something thoughtlessly believe they are in debt only to themselves. It would have been appreciated to speak more about the store network, global presence and income statements than about genetic appeals. But it is the Spain that some promote to reduce it to a take off you to put on me, a communist social interpretation of the ‘funnel law’. They have reversed the burden of proof: to show that it is not going to destroy the company. And do it from one day to the next. That cheat. The glass ceiling has at times become an iron curtain, because offenses take root deeper than favors. It’s the same. Some have been missed «I do believe you, Marta». Well … there goes mine, for what it’s worth.

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