Wednesday, November 30

Marta Riesco and Antonio David Flores, officially reconciled

Image of the couple posted by Marta Riesco on her Instagram account. / Video:ep

The reporter has publicly congratulated her boyfriend with a romantic message

Marta Riesco’s last public statements on television and the smile that escaped her already hinted that she had resumed the relationship with Antonio David, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. The reporter had been deeply hurt and very emphatic when it came to putting an end to her romance with the man from Malaga, but this weekend the journalist has published a pose of the two together making their courtship official again. She has been during his birthday and she has not hesitated to send him an emotional message through her Instagram profile: «May all your (our) wishes come true. Happy birthday to the most handsome man in the world… INDESTRUCTIBLE.”

In addition, the program ‘Viva la vida’ has broadcast some images in which the two walk normally through the streets of Madrid, something that would not have any kind of relevance in a couple if it were not for the fact that Marta Riesco and Antonio David have been hiding their relationship, not only during the time they supposedly kept her while he was still a partner of Olga Moreno, but also after having made public the breakup of their marriage and Rocío Flores’ father went to live with the Mediaset journalist .

And it is that bringing to light the relationship between Marta and the former civil guard has been a turnaround in her life, which until then was just another reporter for ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’, despite the intense rumors about her person and have maintained some confrontation with the Pantoja clan. Due to the situation that caused her to be at the center of criticism, she went through an emotionally complicated moment that caused her to stay away from television for a few weeks on medical recommendation.

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This courtship is turning out to be an obstacle course. She began by breaking the friendship that Marta had with Rocío Flores, the daughter of Antonio David, and weakening the father-son trust. After months without wanting to appear publicly, they took the step with some photographs on the cover of a magazine. Then her birthday came and I received from her in the writing of the program in which she works a bouquet of flowers with a romantic dedication. Everything seemed to be going smoothly when she suddenly jumped into the air on the program ‘It’s already eight o’clock live’. Marta’s birthday party was going to be the couple’s official presentation but the man from Malaga decided not to go. In these circumstances, the journalist announced to the surprise of her colleagues that “out of self-respect and dignity I cannot consent to it anymore.”

Days went by and in a flood of tears she explained that there was no turning back and that Antonio David did not pick up the phone, which denoted her interest in keeping in touch with him. And without her birthday it meant the end of history, another anniversary, in this case his, has meant public reconciliation and the return to normality of a couple that does not escape controversy.

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