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Martín Bermúdez and Ángela Pumariega conquer the Southern European Championship in the Vigo estuary

Vigo (Pontevedra)



Martín Bermúdez de la Puente (Santiago de Compostela, 1980) and Ángela Pumariega (Gijón, 1984), with the Snipe “Kipin Energy”, have been proclaimed in the waters of the Vigo estuary new champions of Southern Europe-Xacobeo 21 Grand Prize -22, organized by the Real Club Náutico de Vigo and its foundation. They did it after three days in which they tied the lead from the second of the races. The Spanish crew takes over from the Uruguayans Ricardo Fabini and Florencia Parnizari (YC Uruguayo), champions in Cascais 2019, where thirty-three units from five countries had competed.

Bermúdez, champion of Madrid (with Cristina Osset) and who this year had also won the Carlos Pardo Memorial in Ferrol (with Pumariega), adds his third triumph for the Real Club Náutico de Madrid. Pumariega, the second for the Real Club Astur de Regatas. “It has been a competition with a very close qualifying head, a high-level fleet on a regatta field with many changes in the intensity of the wind and the secret has been in regularity, in not taking risks,” explained Bermúdez, who was trained sailing in the Ría de Arousa until he had to go to Madrid for work reasons.

The title is taken with notable merit. For three days, Martín Bermúdez and the Olympic gold medal in London 2012 were able to contain their rivals. Jordi Triay (CM Mahón), four times champion of Spain, and his “Velas Pires de Lima” came from a seventh place days ago at the Nacional de Las Palmas, in which the Galician-Asturian crew had to settle for a thirteenth square. But Triay, champion of the Spanish Cup in Vigo 2016, and Rovira (5-[20]-5-6-6) failed to reach the podium in any of the five regattas, having to settle for fourth place overall in Vigo.

On a day with 310 wind and about 9 knots, the race course in front of Rodeira experienced only one test. The wind, for scarce, did not allow more. Bermúdez and Pumariega reached the decisive day with five points ahead of the “SDEA” of Javier Porto (RCN Vigo) -Andrés Jiménez (RCN Rodeira), and eight points over the “Cosabella” of Jaime and Germán Álvarez-Hevia (Club Marítimo de Luanco). And they did not fail. Third place ([4]-1-2-4-3, 10 points) against an eleventh and an eighth, respectively, of their rivals, who had their worst result of the weekend in this fifth and final round. Thus, the podium would not move: the same from the end of the first day.

Miguel Rodríguez (RCN Vigo) prevailed in the test and was worth it to finish fifth. The Italians Enrico Michel and Antonia Contin (Societá Velica Oscar Cosulich) won the itch for the best foreign crew and also won the Master category title (15-[32]-6-11-4, 36 points and seventh place). His boat, the “Luz Avellana”, surprised in the final round the “TM” of the Portuguese Luis Pessanha (CV Atlántico) and the Brazilian Alex Tinoco (RCN Valencia) (16-3-4-[25]-16), who paid a poor result to go to ninth position.

In addition to the title for Bermúdez-Pumariega, he won the Elcano Trophy, which the Navy reserves for the best skipper for the fifth centenary of the Magellan and Elcano Sailing Around the World. The triumph in the youth category would be for Jacobo García (RFGV) and Luis Sampedro (RCN Vigo), also with an excellent sixth place in the absolute general, and the first female crew were the Portuguese Susana Reis and Joana Saraiva (CV Atlántico).

At the awards ceremony, José Antonio Portela thanked the sponsorship of the Xacobeo 21-22 (the event was the Xacobeo 21-22 Grand Prize), represented at the event by the territorial delegate of the Xunta, Marta Fernández-Tapias, and of the Deputation of Pontevedra, in addition to the continuous support of the Council of Vigo, which was present through the mayor of Sports, Manel Fernández.

Vigo finished with note the South European dinghy sailing, as it signed a participation in the water of 50 boats, the highest number of the event this century and whose previous leadership was held by San Remo in 2002. And Martín Bermúdez and Ángela Pumariega, who are now leaving to the Croatian European, they inscribed their name in the Sergio Michel Perpetual Trophy, established in 2009.

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