Thursday, October 28

Martín Vizcarra: 4 keys that explain why so many presidents of Peru have fallen


In the last three years, the vacancy has been contemplated four times. Once it was approved and Vizcarra was vacated. The other found the resignation of PPK.

“In Peru it is easier to vacate the president than to condemn a murderer.” Phrases that some Peruvians pronounce these days and illustrate the political moment that the country is experiencing.

On Monday, President Martín Vizcarra was removed by Congress in a “vacancy motion“for a” moral incapacity “to exercise the position.

The now ex-president had been accused of receiving bribes from companies to grant public works during his tenure in the Moquegua governorate.

Vizcarra denies the charges, among others because they are based on testimonies whose authenticity has not been validated by justice.

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