Thursday, September 23

Martínez Valero could host 13,500 fans at the start of LaLiga after the Health agreement

After the telematic meeting between the health policy makers of the Government and the autonomies, the start of the season will be with the public, but with restrictions. It is a “framework agreement” of minimums for all of Spain and that will be in force from the 13th of this month, when LaLiga Santander begins, until August 29, at which time the central government and the regional governments will meet again to assess whether these percentages should be modified, as announced yesterday by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias.

The league start will be with a limit of 40% in open stadiums


Specifically, it has been agreed that the maximum occupancy of open stadiums is 40%, while in closed stadiums the capacity will be 30%. And the trainings must be without an audience. Other measures, already common, will be maintained, such as the minimum distance of 1.5 meters, the prohibition of eating and drinking, except water. Nor will it be possible to smoke tobacco or derivatives (related products such as DSLN or electronic cigarettes and herbal products for smoking) and attendees must enter the field in stages and always wear the mask.

Only subscribers or locals

One of the novelties introduced is the requirement that the public is paid, with the possibility of establishing some quotas for spectators not paid but who reside in the town where the stadium is located. The aim is to avoid mobility between cities.

These measures affect the sports competitions of the National Professional Football League and the League of the Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB) for the entire Spanish territory.

However, the competent authorities reserve the right to add other measures to the proposals according to the evolution of the pandemic, the impact of vaccination campaigns on the epidemiological situation and “any new knowledge that is generated on the control of the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 ‘.

The latest decree of anticovid measures of the Generalitat establishes a maximum capacity of 3,000 people in the Martínez Valero. It is valid until August 16.


Once some basic guidelines for action have been established, it is now the Autonomous Communities that must or may not approve this proposal, logically based on their specific epidemiological data. Therefore, for the 40% percentage to be met in the stadiums of the Valencian Community, it is still necessary for the Generalitat to allow it. For example, Navarra has already advanced that its bet is 33% on the return of the public to the Osasuna venue. In the Sadar stadium in Pamplona, ​​in addition, each sector must have an independent and delimited toilet area, where interpersonal distance must also be guaranteed. Finally, permanent natural ventilation is recommended to promote air circulation and guarantee an efficient sweep throughout the space; if this is not possible, forced (mechanical) ventilation will be used.

Now only 3,000

In the Valencian Community, after the last decree of the Consell with anticovid measures, established from July 26 to August 16, the Martínez Valero stadium is allowed to host a maximum of 3,000 fans, which represents 9% of the total capacity of the venue . If the Generalitat now accepted the agreement of the Interterritorial Health Council, the maximum audience would be increased by 31%. This decision will be taken at the next meeting of the commission created to deal with the issue of capacity between the Valencian Government and the clubs Elche CF, Valencia, Villarreal, Levante and València Basket.

This working group has met on several occasions to continue discussing the measures to be adopted for the return of spectators to the stadiums in the safest possible way. The ball is now in his court and, as the president of the Generalitat has already warned, Ximo Puig, on different occasions, the decision will always be made based on health criteria on the evolution of the pandemic and vaccinations.

Josan, Guti or Diego Bri, in the video of the vaccination campaign

Elche players Josan, Diego González, Guti, Diego Bri and Lluis Andreu have participated, along with other athletes from Villarreal CF, Valencia CF, Levante UD and Valencia Basket in an advertisement in which young people are told that “there are games that are only won by teaming up”, to promote the campaign of vaccination of the Generalitat Valenciana. This initiative was launched with the creation of the working commission to deal with the issue of capacity from the Presidency of the Generalitat and the clubs to educate young people about the need for vaccination against COVID-19.

The video, whose broadcast started yesterday, captures images of athletes helping each other, and concludes by thanking young people for their involvement in vaccination. The president of Elche, Joaquín Buitrago, highlighted yesterday that “we have all suffered a lot since March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic is being very hard, but the end is near. Thanks to everyone’s effort, we have very little left to enjoy life as we like it. And the key to this is in the vaccination. He added that “from Elche CF we are proud of the effort of our institutions, such as the Generalitat, to achieve this. With the vaccine we score the first goal for the pandemic; later, the great victory will arrive: to enjoy football as before, in the stadiums, together with ours. We are getting closer and closer to achieving it.

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