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Mary Trump: ‘My uncle is unstable. It needs to be removed immediately ‘| Rape of the US Capitol

TTwo weeks before the election, Mary Trump described her Uncle Donald’s campaign to me in stark terms: “He knows he’s in desperate shape, so he’s going to burn everything down, sow more chaos and division …[and] if he falls, he will take us all with him. ” From the observer On the Biden / Harris win edit, as she considered the loser’s remaining weeks in office, her tone remained edgy. “I’m worried about what Donald is going to do in that time to attack.”

The assault on the Capitol still shocked her. “The first thing that struck me was how degrading it was. That amount of desecration. The vulgarity of it. The vulgar is what Donald is, but playing in the corridors of Congress. ”She describes people vandalizing offices, carrying Confederate flags, wearing Auschwitz camp shirts, and yet Trump’s message to them was how much the they loved.

“It was the last four years in real time, distilled to its very core, showing how much the worst people among us have been so empowered and emboldened. Later I realized that the next people in line for the presidency were in the same room and how unfathomably dangerous it was. “

The ramifications must be addressed now, he says. “This is not a time to deliberate. It’s time to act fast. “She believes the 25th Amendment should be invoked, not that she thinks Mike Pence will (“ because he’s the biggest coward on the planet ”). Cabinet members who are resigning this week aren’t doing so because” they care what happened on Wednesday, “he thinks, but because they are trying to avoid the political consequences.

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What legacy will this leave for Republicans? “If they don’t vote to convict him, they will own this mess forever. It will burn them. “

The Biden administration also has to act quickly after the inauguration, he says, or it will also “be tainted,” and not just from the events of the past week. Immediate investigations should be launched into human rights violations on the Mexican border, for example, and whether last week’s riots were coordinated and planned.

“Any person who broke into, or should I say, walked and wandered, with impunity, arrogance and disdain, in the Capitol must be arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced seriously,” he adds. “They desecrated the foundations of our democracy.”

His uncle’s instability at the moment remains the most pressing problem. “Remember: this is the man who tried to invalidate mail-in ballots in the middle of a pandemic. This is the man who forced high-ranking officials at the Pentagon to resign, replacing them with sycophants. So for six hours Wednesday, the Pentagon prevented the National Guard from containing an insurrectionary mob. Our system failed miserably because this man was allowed to dismantle all the institutions that this country has. “

And it’s not that his uncle believes he won legitimately, he argues. “He has never had a legitimate victory in his life. All that matters is victory, regardless of whether there is an asterisk next to it. “

With this in mind, we should not underestimate it. “In less than two weeks, you will not have the Oval Office to protect you from lawsuits, bankruptcies and criminal charges. I don’t know what he is going to do, but we must understand that he is capable of doing anything. And time is ticking. “

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