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Masiá, pole of leader in Moto3

Jaume Masiá celebrates his pole position in Doha.

The Spanish Jaume Masiá (KTM) was the leader in the second classification for the Doha Grand Prix from Moto3, which will be held this Sunday at the Losail circuit, ahead of two other Spaniards, Sergio garcia (Gasgas) and Jeremy Alcoba (Honda).

Nevertheless, Sergio García will not be able to occupy his position in the starting formation as he has to comply with the sanction imposed by the Panel of Commissioners that forces him to leave from the workshop street, where he will occupy the first position of that “second starting formation”.

In the first classification, one of the first defeated among the favorites who chose to move to the second classification was the Turkish Sea Pioneer (KTM), who crashed at Turn 16 and was left with no chance of achieving his goal and, as if that were not enough, he did not actually achieve any qualifying time, which will mean leaving last position in the formation start, in which he will also have to comply with the penalty imposed by the Panel of Stewards along with six other drivers.

At the end of the first classification it was the Italians Andrea Migno (Honda) and Dennis Foggia (Honda), with the Spanish Xavier Artigas (Honda) and the Swiss Jason Dupasquier (KTM), who made it to the next round and stayed also Spanish Adrián Fernández (KTM) and Carlos Tatay (KTM) on the verge of achieving it.

Once again and in the face of the threat of sanction for looking for the slip-ups of other pilots, the top candidates in the category used the teamwork strategy to find a better time, which is why Darryn Binder and John McPhee, Sergio García and Izan Guevara or Jaume Masiá and Pedro Acosta could be seen together.

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Sergio García was the first leader but he was immediately overtaken by Italian Andrea Migno, who came from the first classification, with Izan Guevara in third position.

Migno chained two fast laps to consolidate his first place, in the second of them with a time of 2: 06.619, just over a tenth of a second faster than Sergio García and two over Izan Guevara, partner of the previous one in the Gasgas team led by the Spanish Jorge Martínez “Aspar”.

Almost in unison, most of the pilots entered their workshops to change their tires. to face the second option to improve and many of them chose to leave the workshop road and wait for faster drivers at the end of it to “hook” behind them.

Those who came out more determined, perhaps because of how “clear” they had it in pace and speed of the fastest lap, were the members of the Petronas squad, McPhee and Binder.

But on the finish line at the end of the session Sergio García held the first place for a few secondsa, until the last member of his group crossed that line, Jaume Masiá, the leader of the world championship, who stopped a best time of 2: 05.913, the only one who rolled in that second, ahead of Sergio García and Jeremy Alcoba, with Gabriel Rodrigo (Honda) in fourth place, ahead of Japanese Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda) and Italian Andrea Migno (Honda).

Darryn Binder had to settle for seventh place ahead of his teammate John McPhee and the Spanish Pedro Acosta (KTM) and Izan Guevara.

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