Friday, October 7

Massive protest in front of the White House for the sentence that repeals the right to abortion in the United States

Hundreds of people have marched this Saturday for the washington streets to congregate in front of the White House to protest the US Supreme Court’s decision to remove legal protections for abortion, in force for 50 years. they have organized demonstrations in different cities Americans like New York, Los Angeles and Chicagohand in hand with the organization Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights (Rebel for the right to abortion).

Some demonstrators have explained that it is the biggest protest Washington has ever seen since the draft of the Supreme Court ruling was leaked to the press in early May: “I think it would have been even higher if it hadn’t been for the rain,” said Diana, who believes that “people are prepared for civil disobedience”. The woman has warned that the protests “will become even more intense if nobody does anything.”

Cherry is another of the protesters gathered at the White House. This woman has expressly traveled from Ohio to Washington to protest after learning that a woman had been denied an abortion that she needed to receive chemotherapy treatment. Likewise, he also referred to the 10-year-old girl from Ohio who was six weeks pregnant as a result of rape and had to be transferred to Indiana after the refusal to perform the termination of pregnancy in her home state. “Can everyone afford to travel to another state? I don’t think so,” lamented the woman, assuring that the decision of the Supreme Court is “cruel”.

As the protesters have arrived at the White House, many have hung their green bandanas, a symbol of the pro-abortion protests, on the chain-link fence surrounding the residence of President Joe Biden: “I think it’s a big crowd, I haven’t been to a protest this big in a long time,” said Carissa, a young woman from the state of Michigan who has traveled to the US capital with her friend Natalie to “feel part of something bigger.”

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Both are suspicious of the executive order signed by Biden, which includes a series of measures to protect access to reproductive health services for women, in clear response to the criticism he has received for his inaction after the Supreme Court ruling that revoked the legal protection for abortion. The two women consider that the order will not have any effect in practicesince it does not establish a state of health emergency, as some activists are asking, that allows abortion pills to be sent to states where abortion is not allowed.

Biden’s measures have a limited range because the only way to guarantee the right to abortion in the US is with passing a law in Congresssomething not easy because the support of ten Republican opposition senators is necessary. For that reason, Biden has encouraged Americans, especially women, to vote in the November election to change the composition of Congress.

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