Tuesday, December 7

Mataró wins the Super Cup in the CN Sabadell pool

The STM Mataró achieved his second Water polo supercup after winning 8-10 at home Astralpool Sabadell, in a match in which the Maresme team was ahead on the scoreboard for almost the entire match. The players of Dani ballart they took revenge from last season, when they ended up empty after losing the three finals against Sabadell. Boosted by a great defense and a larger bench, with the arrival of the Russians Timofeeva and Markoch among others, they won with authority.

El Sabadell, with the absence of the American Maggie steffens, which will arrive on Friday, and the young woman Nona Pérez, who is playing the Junior World Cup, was inferior during the final. The Vallesanas began the match by scoring in their first attack by Sabrina Van der Slots, with the help of the goal Elena Sanchez. It was his only advantage. From here, the international goalkeeper became a wall for 12 minutes.

The Mataró soon equaled with the first goal of Clara Cambray that started his festival. A counterattack with a double option, first of Van der kraats to the stick and after Bella MarkocThe empty door was valid to leave Mataró with an advantage (1-2) at the end of the quarter. The team of Dani ballart He remained very plugged and completed the 5-0 quarter with three goals: a penalty scored by Anni Espar, a six-meter goal from the Russian Markoch and a great collective play with a pass from Van der Kraats that Anna Gual hit for 1-5.

3-0 partial

The Sabadell he woke up from his offensive slumber with two goals in just one minute. Irene González and Sabrina Van der Slot penalty reduced to 3-5. But Clara Cambray, with another home-brand launch, he marked 3-6 for Mataró. In the third quarter, the Mataroni fired again to four goals ahead, after Van der kraats and Cambray responded to the Irene Gonzalez (4-8).

Sabrina van der Slot he did his best and worst in the Vallesan attack at the most difficult moment. First he scored a great goal from the outside and, in the next action, he threw a penalty high. Judith Forca He returned Sabadell to the game with his first and only goal of the game to leave the disadvantage in two (6-8). Sabadell’s options seemed intact when Maica Garcia, took advantage of the first gap he had in the buoy to place the 7-8 completing the 3-0 run.

But Mataró stopped in their tracks the option of a Vallesan comeback. Anna Gual, from the outside, and Marta Bach, After a great collective action, they sentenced the meeting with the invaluable collective help of the defense and the great performance under sticks of Maria Elena Sánchez. Maica Garcia, too far from his natural position throughout the game, he put the final 8-10.

Data sheet

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Astralpool Sabadell: Ester; Ortiz (-), Games (-), Van der Slot (3,1p), Serrano (-), Prados (-), Casado (-), García (2), Forca (1), Keuning (-), Bonet (-), González (2), Carrasco.

STM Mataró: Sánchez; Morell (-), Van der Kraats (1). Gual (2), Sevenich (-), Timofeeva (-), cambray (3), Piralkov (-), Bach (1), Bertran (-), Espar (1p), Markoch (2), Colominas.


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