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Matt Rhule contract breakdown: Panthers head coach ‘pissed off’ NFL owners with big deal

Cash is the rule for Rhule.

Matt Rhule built a reputation in college for being a program creator, and with good reason: The 46-year-old New York native, who made stops at Temple and Baylor before landing a job with the Panthers, dropped out of both college programs. in much, much better shape than he found.

Now, Rhule has a chance to create a program with the Panthers, and Carolina showed him the money (and patience) to do it.

The second-year coach flirted with the Jets in 2019 before settling with the Panthers in 2020, turning down the other New York soccer team in the process.

Rhule’s contract was not a simple deal, nor was it light on cash for a head coach for the first time in the NFL. Here’s what you need to know about the deal:

Matt Rhule’s contract details

Rhule carries with him a great reputation and a heavy wallet. The second-year head coach signed a seven years, $ 60 million He signed with the Panthers in January 2020, leaving the college ranks behind to try to build an NFL program.

The Panthers who put so much money on a head coach for the first time got attention, especially from other NFL owners at the time. Robert Klemko of the Washington Post reported at the time of the deal that, through sources, the equipment owners were “pissed off” with the amount of money owner David Tepper brought him.

However, the Rhule pact did much more than upset some owners. According to former coach Tony Dungy, The Rhule pact may have been settled in a paradigm shift.

“He raised the bar,” Dungy told CNBC. “It’s like that player, as soon as one player does that, then everyone else in the office next time, ‘Hey, so and so worth this. I must be worth this.’ …

“There is no going back now. I think you will see this increase because it is telling the other coaches that there is money out there. Carolina is not the only team that can afford that.”

Rhule isn’t entirely without NFL experience, though: In 2012, he spent a stint as the Giants’ offensive line coach before returning to Temple as the team’s head coach. Casually, Rhule was scheduled to meet with the Giants. to discuss his head coach vacancy before a “strong” commitment from the Panthers essentially forced him to sign with Carolina.

Matt Rhule’s career record

Coming into Thursday night’s showdown with the Texans, the Rhule-led Panthers are 7-11. The Panthers finished 5-11 in 2020, Rhule’s first year at Carolina. They are off to a good start in 2021, with victories over the Jets and Saints.

In college, Rhule finished 47-43 in four years with Temple and three years with Baylor. Rhule’s teams appeared in four bowl games, going 1-3 in those games.

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