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Mattarella decides today if there is an extension for the majority to agree on a program directed by Conte or Draghi

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To get out of the government crisis, the current majority seeks to square the circle. It would be a miracle. They intend to write a program and a legislative pact in 24 hours. Something similar to what the German coalition does, with the big difference that the Germans spend months and then put it into practice. But in Italy that seems impossible. The leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, put the condition of first writing the program and then deciding the name of the eventual prime minister to direct the project. On the other hand, protests the deputy Buno Tabacci (74 years old), an experienced politician from the Christian democracy, current president of the Democratic Center -the latest acquisition of the coalition to reinforce the parliamentary majority-: «No way – Tabacci attacks-, That’s not how things work, the program must be defined with Giuseppe ConteWhen the President of the Republic entrusts him with the formation of a government, not before ”.

The problem, among others, is that Renzi still does not see Conte in the leadership of the new government, because his favorite is the former president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi. At this point, There are two possible solutions to the crisis, as Matteo Renzi explained to his parliamentarians. The first is a new Giuseppe Conte executive, if he accepts a good part of Italia Viva’s proposals, including changes in some important ministries, some occupied by his faithful. The second, if Giuseppe Conte does not accept those conditions because his power would be limited, it is an institutional government, which would probably be led by Mario Draghi. Asked by his parliamentarians about which will be the winning scenario, Renzi prophesies that “both are at 50%.”

Renzi, winner

The truth is that former Prime Minister Renzi feels that he is the winner of this long government crisis, which he himself began back in November, with harsh criticism of Conte, although he officially opened it on January 13 by withdrawing the two ministers of Italy Long live the government. Renzi is proud of his role in the crisis and says it without embarrassment to his own, although he considers that the icing on the cake would be to conclude with Mario Draghi as head of government: «I have already done a masterpiece of political strategy. This (Draghi as prime minister) would be the worthy conclusion, ”he told his MPs in the course of the crisis.

Publicly, in a letter sent over the internet to his followers, Renzi makes a long list of what has been achieved so far with the opening of the crisis: thanks to us, they are discussing content, program; increase in health spending is accepted; employment policies are modified, after losing 444,000 jobs to Covid; Now there is talk of organizing a vaccination campaign worthy of the name; it is discussed changing the structure of the Commissioner to combat the Covid; it considers how to execute a good plan on the National Reconstruction Fund. Renzi, who has also proposed a parliamentary commission to carry out institutional reforms, concludes: “I could continue with the cast. The key is to decide on these things now. If Italia Viva had not existed, no one would have opened this discussion. Now many realize that it was a fair battle in the background, although they criticize the way.

The president of the Congress of Deputies, Roberto Fico, to whom the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, gave last Friday an exploratory mandate to consult with political forces of the center-left parliamentary majority, goes today to the Quirinal to inform Mattarella of their results. The three parties of the coalition (5-Star Movement, Democratic Party and Free and Equal) remain immovable on a fundamental point: the acting Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte must form his third government and must include the current Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri. They are not names to the liking of Renzi, who insists: «The new government will have to rise to the challenges of this period. And it must be a government of capable and worthy people. Only in this way can Italy be saved, only in this way. Mattarella, as a referee in the crisis, may have to decide today an extension of the game, so that a final result can be reached: a political government led by Conte or an institutional one with Draghi.

Europe is watching this crisis with great interest and concern, because the European Reconstruction Fund is at stake, with Italy and Spain sharing more than half of the 750,000 million approved by the European Union. Europe would not forgive that a weak political class once again postponed to the Greek calends a series of reforms that it urgently needs.

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