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Matthew Perry will tell the truth about all the problems he suffered on ‘Friends’ and his addictions in his autobiography

Matthew Perry attends the Magic Radio program in London, England.

Matthew Perry attends the Magic Radio program in London, England.

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It is no secret to anyone that Matthew Perry He lived through difficult moments that to date continue to affect him simply because of how delicate and sensitive these junctures managed to damage the American-Canadian actor both emotionally and psychologically. The loyal fans of the sitcom series ‘Friends’ were able to see the entire cast reunited back on the set of ‘Friends: The Reunion’ where all the actors they told various anecdotes they had shared for so long; However, many Internet users became concerned about the delicate health of Matthew Perry, who He played the charismatic Chandler.

The 52-year-old actor revealed who suffered from anxiety when he had to record scenes of his character while he had to tell a joke and he had this fear that no one would laugh at his jokes on the set. For that reason and for many other problems that hurt the celebrity, Matthew Perry will publish his autobiography in 2022 in which he will tell about his fight against addiction to drugs, alcohol and details behind the scenes of ‘Friends’. Subsequently, the American-Canadian writer signed a millionaire contract to carry out this project, and also believes that the book may go on sale as of next year.

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With these memories Matthew Perry will bring readers behind the scenes of the filming of the hit comedy that catapulted him into an exalted figure of the seventh artas well as talk about his personal struggles with substance abuse that began after Matthew Perry You will be prescribed Vicodin for injuries sustained in a 1997 jet ski accident.

Megan Lynch, the person in charge of this book that will be under the label of Flatiron Books, added that “in this autobiography, fans will find the actor’s point of view because it takes humor, catharsis and finally coming to terms with his story “. Let us remember that this will be the first written memory that will have as its main protagonist one of the stars of the hit NBC sitcom that aired between 1994 and 2004.

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry playing their characteristic characters in the sitcom series ‘Friends’ / Getty Images

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