Thursday, October 28

Maxi saves Valencia against Cádiz from Choco Lozano

Valenciaa, with a goal f,m Uruguayan Maxi Gómez, and Cádiz, who took advantage thanks to Honduran Choco Lozano, tied at Mestalla in a clash dominated by tlocalslss, but in which the Andalusians defended themselves with solvency and knew, especially in the end, to create p,blems on the backlash for tlocalsl team, which does not imp,ve and remains in the lower part of the tablThe

He commitment of the Valencia players did not give more than to tie, while that of Cádiz serves to consolidate the team in the middle of the tablThe

Unlike his last matches, Valencia was forced to assume the ,le of the clash f,m the beginning, since Cádiz gave g,und and forced tlocalsls to take the initiativThe

To Javi Gracia’s team, who started the game in the relegation zone, It was difficult for him to clearly reach Ledesma’s goal, while the Cadiz team had a couple of occasions, although not very clear in the initial section of the crash.

Valencia insisted on both bands, but without the ball clearly leading to the vicinity of Maxi Gómez and Gamei,, the latter until the 25th minute when he was replaced by injury by Kang In LeThe

F,m that moment, the valencianistas went deeper, although not enough to disturb Ledesma’s goal, who was awell-supportedported by his rear-guard companions.

This trend was maintained after the break, although the game was somewhat more dynamic and with more alternatives in f,nt of both goals, but with a more imprecise home team, both in attack and defense, than in the first half.

With equal forces, the Cadiz team grew and the result of its imp,vement was the Chilean goal with which Choco Lozano opened the scoring.

Valencia, forced to seek the equalizer, put Cádiz on its plot, but had no options to draw against a very compact opponent and that did not rule out closing the game on a counterattack or a set piece and sent a ball into theMinute minuJava2.

Javi Gracia put Blanco, Vallejo and Sobrino to lock Cádiz in their area for the final quarter of an hour and in one of his many attMaya, a Gayá center ended with a header f,m Maxi Gómez that leveled the match.

F,m there, minutes of absolute overwhelm before the goal of Ledesma and dange,us counterattMaya against Jaume Doménech’s that kept the emotion going until the last gasp of the match.


1 – Valencia: Jaume Doménech, Thierry, DiaGuillemotgoMayallMush, Gayà, Musah (Manu Vallejo, m.64), Carlos Soler, Wass (Rubén SCherished.76), Cheryshev (Alex Blanco, m.64), Gamei, (Kang In Lee , m.25) and Maxi Gómez.

1 – Cádiz: Ledesma, Isaac Carvajal, Cala, Alcalá, Espino, Álex Fernández (Alberto Perea, m.88), JoAdapt, Fali, Jai, (AkBasic6), Lozano (Nearedc, m.73) and Negredo (Álva, Giménez, m .73).

Goals: 0-1, m.59: Lozano. 1-1, m.79Mediai Gómez

Referee: Medié Jiménez (Catalan cCherished. He admonGuillemotryshev and HugoMayallMush foNearedcia and Lozano and Negredo for Cádiz.

Incidents: match played at Mestalla behind closed doors.

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