Monday, November 29

Maximilian of Habsburg and Charlotte: the unusual story of the last emperor of Mexico (and how his government was doomed from the start)

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Maximilian of Habsburg

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For some, he was the scapegoat for France’s expansionist ambitions. For others, he was nothing more than a usurper, placed on the throne of Mexico by another usurper – Napoleon III – to fulfill his imperialist project.

The truth is that the story of Maximiliano de Habsburgo and his wife Carlota, in the so-called Second Mexican Empire, was a tragic episode in the history of Mexico created on deep misunderstandings.

But what was it that led the Austrian archduke and the Belgian princess to accept the throne of a New World country? mired in deep divisions and conflicts?

And why did Mexicans decide at that point in their history that they could not govern themselves and agreed to be led by an unknown foreign aristocrat?

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