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Maximum capacity restrictions on New York businesses will end on May 19

For several weeks, a process of gradual reopening of various sectors of the economy in New York, and after continuing to record a significant drop in the numbers of COVID-19 while the number of vaccinated New Yorkers rises, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this Monday that it was time to give a significant step towards normality and make a “Grand reopening from May 19”.

New Yorkers have made tremendous progress and all arrows (from COVID-19) point dramatically in the right direction, something that has stayed that way for a while now, and so it’s time to readjust reopening decisions, based on science and data, and that’s why today we announce a grand reopening in New York starting May 19, ”Cuomo said.

And, how will this reopening be? The president explained that it will be done in coordination with the states of the tri-state area and will begin with the completion of most of the maximum capacity restrictions in businesses such as stores, gyms, amusement parks, beauty salons, barbershops, and offices.

“As of May 19 there will no longer be restrictions on the capacity limits for those activities in New York,” emphasized Cuomo, adding that this will include restaurants, museums and Broadway theaters.

The state president also recalled that before that date the ‘curfews’ that had been ordered for some industries such as restaurants and bars will be suspended. For example, as of May 17, they will be able to continue serving customers in outdoor spaces after 12 a.m., while service in indoor areas can continue to operate after 12 a.m. midnight from May 31.

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“But in addition to these, on May 19, large open-air stadiums will also be allowed to increase their 33 percent capacity, as is the case with Mets and the YankeesCuomo said.

Without a vaccine, the distancing will continue

And all these reopening measures will be accompanied by an important incentive for more and more people to be vaccinated in the state, taking into account that at least 20% of the population is against immunization, and it is that in many businesses it will rise the restriction to maintain the social distancing of 6 feet, for those who demonstrate that they have already given the injections.

“In New York we will uphold the rule of CDC of the 6 feet of distance, until that entity decides otherwise, and therefore the elimination of capacity limits for some events and businesses will depend on whether they can demonstrate that attendees have proof of having been vaccinated or recent negative tests of coronavirus. So there, the 6-foot rule won’t apply, ”Cuomo specified.

Continuing his explanation he said: “If a restaurant says that I will only allow fully vaccinated customers, or that they have a negative test, then they will be able to function without the 6 foot rule.”

Curfews and restrictions end:

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