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“Maximum concern” on the Board: from the war in Ukraine to the “unbearable” rise in prices and the drought

The councilor from Extremadura during the Sectorial Conference. / TODAY

This has been transferred by Begoña García, Minister of Agriculture, to Luis Planas in the Sectoral Conference and Advisory Council organized by the Ministry of Agriculture

The Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory, Begoña García, has participated in the Sectoral Conference and Consultative Council organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, in which its head, Luis Planas, has advanced Spain’s position in the next Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of the European Union that will take place in Brussels next Monday. In addition, the problematic situation that the countryside is experiencing derived from the geopolitical and socioeconomic context that Europe is experiencing after the Russian invasion in Ukraine has been put on the table.

In this way, Extremadura has transferred to the ministry its “maximum concern” about the situation of the primary sector in the context of the drought and the invasion of Ukraine. In fact, Begoña García has also transferred to the head of Agriculture the concern of the Junta de Extremadura for the “unbearable” escalation of prices that affects the agricultural sector, already affected by the hydrological drought that the Extremaduran community is experiencing. For this reason, he has asked the central government to make it clear in Brussels the importance of putting “urgently” concrete and precise measures to reverse the situation, specifying that all options must be carried out from the “unity” of the autonomous communities.

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On the other hand, the councilor from Extremadura has positively described the measures presented yesterday by the central government to alleviate the effects of the drought, although she has reiterated to the Ministry of Agriculture that they are “insufficient” as they do not register direct aid, both to farmers and to companies or cooperatives in the primary sector.

Some of the measures

Some of the measures approved by the Government included in the announced royal decree-law due to the drought are: deferrals in the payment of Social Security contributions. Reduction of 20% of the net income for agricultural and livestock activities that pay IRPF through the module system. Total or 50% exemption, at least, from the payment of the water canon to the irrigators and from the payment of the rustic IBI under certain conditions.

The impact of these measures is valued at 450 million by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez.

More reviews

Agricultural organizations such as UPA-UCE Extremadura have also considered that the measures announced by the Ministry of Agriculture to deal with the drought in the countryside are “clearly insufficient” for Extremadura farmers and ranchers.

This was made known in a statement in which, in addition, they stressed that they trust that “the next Council of Ministers will give the green light to use the EAFRD funds to grant direct aid to farmers and ranchers affected by the drought because it is causing a catastrophe for Extremadura.

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