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Maximum police pressure against the bottles to stop the contagion of covid

The suppression of these restrictions, attached to the completion of exams and the time limitations of pubs and discos, indicate that this weekend may be a youth riot that you want to watch closely to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, early Friday night in Alicante they already reflected yesterday a festive atmosphere in the hospitality industry and the terraces were packed with people. The Local Police of Alicante already began early at night to dissolve the first large bottles and a busy day was expected.

Despite there being no curfew or limitations for groups of people, the agents will enforce the mandatory use of masks and social distances.

The Local Police of Alicante intervenes in a bottle on the first weekend without night mobility restrictions. RAFA ARJONES

From the Government Sub-delegation in Alicante they affirm that they have contacted the Civil Guard and the National Police to establish special operations. The Civil Guard is attending one or two local security boards each week and in these meetings, such as those recently held in El Campello, Guardamar, Torrevieja and Alicante, the town councils have raised the problem that lies ahead with the return to a almost similar to pre-pandemic normality.

All those involved in security matters are aware of a foreseeable increase in bottles and parties in homes as restrictions disappear. The limitation of Nightlife at two in the morning is probably not going to mean that the young, and the not so young, return to their respective homes at that time. The most normal thing is that they look for alternatives to continue partying and that is where the service agents will have more work to enforce the rules.

The Alicante Command will mobilize the Citizen Security Units (USECIC) and other support groups, but the surveillance will not focus only on the tourist municipalities of the coast, but the rest of the province will also be attended, since the pandemic has caused a a notable increase in the number of people who go to the mountains and many of the illegal festivals that have been dismantled since the start of the state of alarm were held in inland areas.

The National Police of Alicante It will also reinforce the night operation and has restored normal work services after the lifting of the curfew. This surveillance in leisure areas of Alicante will focus on the neighborhood, the Castaños area, Costablanca avenue and La Seda, in the San Juan beach Golf.

The Local Police of Alicante has organized a large device with 300 agents to ensure compliance with health measures against covid and combat drinking bottles and parties with crowds, in addition to enforcing capacity in leisure areas.

Within this weekend’s operation there is a plan antibotellón that includes itinerant controls throughout the city and the usual areas where young people usually meet to drink alcohol: the two castles, the Barrio, the Ereta, the coves, Cabo de las Huertas, the Golf and the vicinity of the San Juan beach . The Air Media unit will also monitor the beaches, promenades and places where large bottles can be held with the drone from the air.

The Alicante Local Police will also deploy its agents in the leisure areas and in the premises and terraces to guarantee that the measurements of capacity, use of masks and social distances are met.

Police deployment in the center of Alicante to enforce anticovid regulations. RAFA ARJONES

The municipalities of the province are committed to prevention. The Alicante Security Councilor, José Ramón González, affirms that “the guard will not be lowered and the bottles will be monitored to prevent them.” El Campello Councilor for Security, Rafael Galvañ, says that bottles do not proliferate in the municipality and considers that “it is not a question of criminalizing the young and not so young either. All have regained their freedom of movement and schedules after a long time having a hard time. We will continue to monitor actions that do not contemplate the new normal. ”

From Alcoy, the Security Councilor, Raúl Llopis, has reported that the Local Police do not plan to deploy any operation. “We have controlled all the points that may be more conflictive,” says Llopis.

Firmness in Elche

The mayor of Elche, Carlos González, has been blunt when stating that “we have to remain firm in complying with all prevention measures, which in the end have been shown to be those that allow to contain the spread of the virus.”

In Elda, as in Elche, the Local Police have activated an extraordinary service this weekend to avoid large bottles. Rubén Alfaro, mayor of Elda and president of the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FVMP), has proposed preventive actions for the next few weeks in public spaces where young people usually gather to celebrate their night parties. “Preventive surveillance, with the dissuasive presence of police patrols, is more effective than having to act a posteriori to dissolve the bottles,” says Alfaro.

Precisely, the Orihuela Public Health Center has detected an outbreak of covid-19 related to a party held on June 5 in a Torrevieja nightclub.

21 arrested for robberies when restrictions were lifted

The disappearance of night mobility restrictions has been used by criminals to reactivate themselves. Between Monday and Thursday the National Police have arrested 21 people in Alicante for robberies and robberies with violence, most of them at night. For this reason, the Provincial Police Station has established a preventive device to reinforce the police presence in the afternoons and nights in the areas most frequented by tourists and people from Alicante. The Police Station asks citizens to become aware and adopt self-protection measures so as not to be victims of theft.

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