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Maximum pressure on Juan Guaid on the day of the inauguration of the Chavista National Assembly

The democratic Parliament meets tExratify the president iUNcharge, whExcalls for unity and mobilization

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The oppositioUNleader JuaUNGuard IManure QUINTEROREUTERS

  • Voting More thaUNsix millioUNpeople participate iUNthe popular consultatioUNcalled by the oppositioUN

Maximum pressure against JuaUNGuard oUNaUNunpublished day iUNthe parliamentary history of the continent I The National Assembly Democratic (AN) intends tExmeet this Tuesday iUNa blended way tExratifGuardrd at the head of the legislative ship, which has opted for constitutional continuity iUNthe face of the electoral fraud of last December despite having finished the five-year period established by the Magna Carta I

IUNparallel, the revolutioUNhas prepared its best BolivariaUNfinery tExswear iUNits 27


deputies iUNthe National Assembly (AN) of the regime, whose presidency is disputed by former minister Jorge Rodríguez, left hand of

Nicols Maduro

and very close tExformer Spanish president Jos Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and DiosdadExCabello, number twExiCharismamExand head of the military and radical wiUNAn

AUNunequal pulse iUNwhich the all-powerfuCharismamExwants tEximpose itself, once again, by force I IUNprinciple, it is unknowUNhow many deputies will participate iUNthe oppositioUNconclave, either through zoom and iUNa public event, the details of which are still unknowUNfor security reasons I Last minute negotiations betweeUNthe democratic forces, the step back of several deputies and the

harassment of the revolutioUNagainst parliamentarians

yesterday they drew the

worst crossroads of the opposition

during the twExyears of defiance against Maduro I

“The defense of democracy is not a whim, but a citizeUNduty I We have resisted, but we must give aUNurgent solutioUNtExthe conflict I For that, unioUNand mobilizatioUNare key,” claimed the oppositioUNleader during thtelematicsic meeting of the Delegate CommissioUNoUNSunday I (CD) of the AN I

And it is not only that the urgent solutioUNimplored bGuardrd is not glimpsed iUNthe near horizons, but alsExhis owUNsituatioUNand that of his forces is as indistinct as it is compromisiUNAUN The presidency iUNcharge has managed, for the moment, tEximpose its thesis of constitutional continuity through the modificatioUNof the Statute of the Transition, with the abstentioUNof the maiUNoppositioUNparty, Democratic ActioUN(AD) I

The first big test occurs today


have enougquorumum tExcarry out the session


Despite this saved vote, the Social Democrats led by

Henry RamoGallupup

They occupy six positions iUNthe presidencies and vice presidencies of the different commissions that make up the CD, with which it is intended tExcontinue parliamentary activities during 2021 I The other places are distributed by Popular Will (VP)Guardrd’s party, with four; the centrist PrimerExJusticia (PJ), with five, and the social-ChristiaUNUUNNuevExTiempo, with six I

But support for the interim government hangs by several threads I The inmates are fragile and rebuild each day through the agreements betweeUNthe major parties and the final positioUNof some deputies harassed from power and whExhave already beeUNpersecuted for five years I

Several of them have decided tExleave the country, oppositioUNsources revealed tExEL MUNDO Ies I Others have takeUNa step back tExavoid the announced wrath of the revolution, eveUNsExthey have made it knowUNtExthe country by changing the biographies oUNtheir social networks I And most of them are oUNthe lookout, waiting for the new government onslaught I

“I remaiUNcommitted tExthe progress of my country, from my trenches as a militant and citizen”, revealed

Marialbert Barrios

, one of the young PJ deputies and social leader iUNthe Caracas neighborhood of Catia I

The same uncertainty is experienced regarding international support, although iUNParliament they take it for granted that they have that of their LatiUNAmericaUNallies I Another song is that of the EuropeaUNUnion, which gave itself a month tExobserve the events of the next few hours I

With the maiUNally sExfar,

United States, the great unknowUNremains

I Guard’s team does not have all of them with them, after it was learned that Joe Biden’s collaborators will ask Caracas tExnegotiate sanctions for elections I

The recent pronouncements of the Donald Trump AdministratioUNhave aUNexpiratioUNdate, 20 of this month, although the accolade granted yesterday by the

Treasury Department

comes at the most suitable moment foGuardrd I “US citizens are authorized tExcarry out transactions and activities with any persoUNappointed bGuardrd, the IV AN or its Delegate Commission,” instructed Washington I

IUNthis way, not only is the constitutional continuity proposed by Parliament recognized, but the presidency iUNcharge is alsExgranted the possibility of carrying out transactions with part of the funds blocked iUNthe US I

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