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Mayor of New York Used NYPD Security Services for Personal Gain: Asked to Pay Over $ 300,000 Out of Pocket

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of NYC.

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A new report from the New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) found that Mayor Bill de Blasio misused his NYPD security team for personal and political purposes., and that police officer Howard Redmon actively obstructed the subsequent investigation.

The DOI report alleges that Inspector Redmond “actively obstructed and attempted to thwart” the investigation. DOI Commissioner Margaret Garnett later told a news conference that her department would forward its findings on Redmond to the Manhattan district attorney’s office for review and a possible criminal prosecution.

The full DOI report can be read here. The 47-page investigation concluded that there were numerous cases in which the security detail of the Mayor -from the Executive Protection Unit (EPU) of the New York Police Intelligence Office-, was misused for the personal gain for his children or for political purposes during his failed presidential campaign in 2019.

On the eve The New York Times reported that De Blasio had told those close to him that he will run for the pDemocratic rhymes for governor of New York next year, despite the little support he has among New Yorkers after nearly eight years as mayor. His municipal office will end on January 1.

The City Council criticized the DOI report as “inaccurate”, “unprofessional” and “naive” and said it was based on “illegitimate assumptions.” “There are a number of claims in this report and there are many, many inconsistencies and inaccuracies,” De Blasio said today during his daily press conference, citing NBC News.

Some of the irregularities cited in the report are:

– “Numerous cases in which members of the EPU transported mayoral personnel to various places, including their homes, and helped them run errands for the mayor.”

“Several instances in which the security detachment was requested to transport the mayor’s guests, under his direction, without him being present in the vehicle.”

– $ 319,794 in city expenses for the security team to travel with the mayor during his presidential campaign, none of which has been reimbursed.

– “Members of the EPU occasionally transported Mayor De Blasio’s campaign staff while driving the mayor. Both cases reflect a use of NYPD resources for political purposes “

– “The security detail has been conducting frequent security checks on houses owned by the mayor in Brooklyn, where neither he nor his family currently reside.”

– “In addition to misuse of EPU staff and resources, DOI’s investigation identified several vulnerabilities in EPU policies and procedures,” the report concluded.

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