Saturday, November 27

Mazón denounces that the Government “returns to cut unfairly and without any technical criteria” the Tajo-Segura

Inauguration of the 77 new gates of the Hurchillo chancebe, this Saturday in Bigastro.

Inauguration of the 77 new gates of the Hurchillo chancebe, this Saturday in Bigastro.

The president of the Alicante Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón, has inaugurated this Saturday in Bigastro the integral adaptation works of the gates of the major chance of Hurchillo of the Orihuela Privative Court of Aguas de Orihuela, where he has criticized the decision of the central government to reduce to 12 cubic hectometres “without any justification and against the criteria of the technicians” the flow of the Tajo-Segura transfer for the month of October, as reported by sources from the provincial institution. “One more week, without prior notice, with a total lack of justification and disregarding the criteria and recommendation of the technicians, Pedro Sánchez has once again cut the transfer, ignoring the province of Alicante,” Mazón criticized, adding that, “Faced with this new cut, we are not going to shut up and we are going to continue claiming and denouncing this injustice.”

In this sense, the leader has pointed out that the investments and projects that are being carried out from the province itself, “to make the most of every drop of water we have, legitimize us and give us all the right to claim the water that corresponds to us.” . The president of the Provincial Council has put as an example of these works the renovation of the 77 gates of the Hurchillo chance opened today, which have involved an investment of 235,000 euros. The action, which will benefit about 12,000 irrigators and 14,000 plots in eleven municipalities, with 6,790 plots affected, will contribute to improving water drainage and preventing flooding of the cultivated fields of the Vega Baja area in times of It grew due to heavy rains, according to the same sources.

Accompanied by the vice president and deputy of Water Cycle, Ana Serna, Mazón highlighted the importance of “helping our irrigators and farmers to have adequate hydraulic infrastructures to, on the one hand, take advantage of every drop of water and, on the other, avoid that there are floods in the fields that spoil the crops and the work of many months ”. The mayor of Bigastro and provincial deputy, Teresa Belmonte, as well as the mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, and the judge of the Private Court of Aguas de Orihuela, Pedro Mompeán, as well as farmers and irrigators, have also attended this event.

Ana Serna, for her part, explained that with the growth of the level of the Reguerón in the rainy season, the water reverses its course from the azarbe to the farmland, flooding them in the lower areas, “so the new floodgates Hermetic, placed inside the manhole on the opposite side to the Azarbe Mayor, will improve drainage and protection against avenues ”. In addition, he pointed out that “in the face of other administrations that do not do their duties, despite being within their competence, the Provincial Council is clear about it and provides solutions.”

Likewise, the mayor of Bigastro thanked the Provincial Council for its investment and pointed out that this work, which is already in operation, “will improve the security of the territory and with it the quality of life of residents and farmers in the area.” . Pedro Mompeán has also highlighted the importance of this action and has asked for new investments for the area, to which Mazón has committed himself, while announcing the “absolute support” of the Provincial Council for the request of the Private Court of Aguas de Orihuela , recently recognized by Congress as a Customary Court, to be declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

After the inauguration of the new gates, the president, Mazón and Serna have moved to Albatera, a town of which the vice president of the County Council is mayor. There they have visited the Galería de Los Suizos, one of the most emblematic hydraulic infrastructures in the Vega Baja region, where it has announced new investments to improve the irrigation systems in the area.

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