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Mazón opens the door to enter the Cooperation Fund if Puig changes the distribution criteria

Carlos Mazón signed an agreement with Transparency on Wednesday at the Palau de la Generalitat.

Carlos Mazón signed an agreement with Transparency on Wednesday at the Palau de la Generalitat.

Carlos Mazón ends the week by throwing a blow at Ximo Puig. The relationship between the two leaders has become a political tinderbox on behalf of the Cooperation Fund and now it has been the president of the Alicante Provincial Council who has decided to change strategy to disconcert the socialist leader. Mazón has taken the gauntlet thrown by the Generalitat to negotiate the Cooperation Fund Law. Of course, your vote in favor has a price. The provincial leader of the popular tried yesterday to acquire a dialoguing profile to show himself in favor of the consensus, as long as the Botànic accepts the criteria of the work plan called + Cerca that was approved unanimously yesterday in plenary session. It is an investment program that was created as an alternative to the Autonomous Cooperation Fund. It is, in short, the response of the Diputación de Alicante to the political battle it has with the Generalitat in the distribution of aid to the municipalities. Its call went ahead unanimously yesterday and will have an investment of 30 million euros financed with remnants, double the amount of the regional fund.

Carlos Mazón knows that Ciudadanos plays a central role in this confrontation and has secured the support of the two orange deputies. In fact, yesterday’s plenary session was the Cs spokesperson, Javier Gutiérrez, who defended the + Cerca program, fully subsidized by the Provincial Council. In addition to increasing resources, another of the novelties included are the new lines of investment and current spending, giving prominence to mayors, who will be able to choose the destination of investments, as well as the introduction of the depopulation criterion in the distribution of the aid, for which 102 municipalities will receive two million euros. Once the provincial program went ahead yesterday with the votes of all the groups and, therefore, with the support of PSPV and Compromís, Carlos Mazón, asked Ximo Puig to accept these criteria for the Cooperation Fund “because it would be a way of understanding the reality of Alicante ». According to the popular leader, “this project does not go against the Generalitat, but improves the criteria and helps more to the municipalities.” The Provincial Council is open to reaching an agreement and then setting a work schedule to resolve the improper skills that weigh down its budget.

In addition, the Council approved yesterday the bill that regulates the Cooperation Fund of the Municipalities and Minor Local Entities of the Valencian Community. Through this law, co-financing between the Generalitat and the Alicante Provincial Council is established, which has been the only one that has not joined. Given the refusal, the Generalitat considers necessary a new coordination system in the field of municipal financing, through which it is guaranteed, with a norm with the rank of law, “territorial equity for municipalities.” This was explained yesterday by the general director of Local Administration, Toni Such, to denounce that the municipalities of Alicante are being aggrieved. The Botànic has streamlined this law and is going to try to reach an agreement with the PP and Citizens in the Cortes. In response, Carlos Mazón will personally attend the bilateral commission between institutions that will take place in January to offer to agree to this rule as long as the Botànic accepts the distribution conditions approved by the Provincial Council, emphasizing that the Provincial Council of Valencia is allowed to apply corrective mechanisms: “I wonder why they accept Toni Gaspar and not me,” said Mazón. Based on these arguments, their objective is to go to the bilateral commission with the Plan + Cerca approved unanimously so that the Generalitat is forced to position itself: “I hope they accept it and are sensitive to the reality of Alicante.”

The PP insists on the agreements reached with Mónica Oltra (Compromís) in matters of Social Services and Telecare, with Rosa Pérez (Unides Podem) in the area of ​​Participation and Transparency, and with Francesc Colomer (PSPV) in matters of Tourism. Carlos Mazón has found meeting points with the three leaders, and yesterday insisted that Ximo Puig “still does not understand that dialogue and cooperation are above imposition.”

Unanimity to invest 108 million among the Alicante municipalities

The plenary session activates the + Cerca program, the Dana grants and the Planifica works plan

The plenary session of the Alicante Provincial Council approved yesterday with the support of all political groups the Plan for Investments and Financing in Infrastructures of the Province of Alicante (Plan), as well as the bases and calls for the Plan + Cerca and the aid package for the municipalities affected by the Dana.

The Provincial Council held a telematic plenary session yesterday. | INFORMATION

The unanimity reached in the approval of these programs will allow more than 108 million euros to be distributed among the municipalities of the province, benefiting the smaller towns “in compliance with the spirit of the Provincial Council”, as highlighted the Deputy for Infrastructures, Javier Gutiérrez, who thanked “the spirit, the will to dialogue and the search for consensus” demonstrated by the different groups of the corporation.

Opposition spokesmen positively valued the distribution model of these investment programs promoted by the government team, “since they enhance municipal autonomy and efficiency”, as Gerard Fullana, from Compromís, highlighted, and “will help to avoid delay in the execution of the works and that the municipalities can better plan their investments “, in the opinion of Toni Francés, of the socialist group.

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