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Mazón parks the renewal of local leaders in the province of Alicante

Having a chosen organization chart under his influence was his goal when everything indicated that the regional elections they were going to get ahead. However, the results in Madrid, the migration crisis in Morocco or Pedro Sánchez’s decision with pardons have given a 180 degree turn to the political landscape and now the PP’s strategy is no longer conditioned by an imminent electoral date. Ximo Puig has distanced himself from any possibility that generates a parallel with Pedro Sánchez, so Mazón has a free hand to dedicate himself completely to breastfeeding mainly in Valencia, but also in Castellón, provinces where he needs to gain political notoriety you have in Alicante. The Alicante is now focused on consolidating its own leadership and in putting together a story that goes from Vinaròs to Pilar de la Horadada.

The provincial PP postponed the holding of its first local assemblies in January due to the restrictions adopted throughout the Community due to the covid. Already in March, when the incidence of the virus took a break, the party reactivated the processes and announced the celebration of a first phase that was going to take place from mid-April until before the summer. So that the covid was not an impediment, the party prepared to develop mixed formulas (part in person and the rest with an online connection). However, now that the pandemic seems to be giving up, the party’s internal strategies weigh more.

The also president of the Diputación, who during the last year has joined his institutional command with the provincial control of the PP, set himself the goal of relaunching the leadership of an organization that he found deteriorated after the presidency of Jose Císcar and the year of interim status of Eduardo Dolon. But now the order of priorities is no longer the same. The Alicante leader prefers to strengthen his marketing campaign in Valencia and Castellón and, after the summer, he will be in charge of reactivating the local assemblies. He already has the names in his head so he will simply be in charge of materializing it, by remote control, through the future provincial president, Toni Pérez, one of his most trusted people. It is true that the statutes indicate that these assemblies cannot be held while the process of electing the regional presidency is open, but it is also true that the party has had plenty of time to give a more relevant role to its organic architecture at the local level. … And so far it hasn’t.

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The tables have turned and now it is the PSOE that is in a hurry to reverse the polls and put the batteries at the time of thinking about new leaderships in strategic cities like Alicante. At some point Ximo Puig will have to face the renewal of Francesc Sanguino as spokesperson and a socialist candidate for the Alicante City Council. The socialist baron made the decision to elect him and now his is the responsibility to relieve him. Because elections are not only won from the Palau. It is clear that the success or failure of municipal teams also tip the balance one way or the other.

For the moment, the head of the Consell is dedicating himself to burning stages. In June and July it will focus on vaccination, in August on economic reactivation, in September on the return of some popular festivals and the consequent emotional recovery and already from November, once its leadership is renewed, the PSPV will begin to get involved in organic issues, as argued from the Palau. They also add that they are not weighing on internal party issues or electoral advances. In this context, Mazón assured on Friday that, whatever the date, the PP “is ready” to start an electoral campaign with an eye on the Generalitat. Faced with the notoriety that the Alicante leader is gaining, the head of the Consell is using all his efforts to mark his own profile and raise the flag of Valencian pride based on the low incidence of the virus in this territory. Sooner rather than later, both Puig and Mazón will take on the challenge of define local structures for the next electoral cycles. Only time will tell if they are able to find candidates with a pull.

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With the only candidacy totally tied up in the party

Carlos Mazón has the regional presidency tied up since last Friday, when the first round of the primaries was held. The candidate needed to obtain more than 50% of the votes and a difference of 15 points with respect to the candidacy of José Vicente Anaya, mayor of Ayora, and reached 95.5%. Once achieved, the Alicante leader will attend the Regional Congress on July 3 knowing that he is the only candidate in the running, which could accelerate, in turn, that the mayor of Benidorm and number two of the party in the province, Toni Pérez, assume the presidency in Alicante in the coming weeks.

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