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Mazón postpones the renewal of local assemblies due to covid restrictions

The provincial president of the PP, Carlos Mazón, with the provincial coordinator, Juan Francisco Pérez.  |  INFORMATION

The provincial president of the PP, Carlos Mazón, with the provincial coordinator, Juan Francisco Pérez. | INFORMATION

The Popular Party of the province of Alicante has postponed the celebration of its first 55 local assemblies, scheduled for the last week of January and early February, due to the restriction measures taken throughout the Valencian Community due to the covid. The celebration of the internal renewal processes are currently undated in the province at the expense of how the pandemic evolves.

Among the Alicante municipalities in which it was planned to hold local assemblies are Alcoy and Polop, currently confined by the incidence of the virus. Assemblies are also postponed in the provincial capital, Alicante, as well as in other large municipalities where they had been planned, such as Elche, Torrevieja or Benidorm, where the assembly process was to start on January 29, the date on which The current restrictions of the Consell will be active. Due to the active measures, which will be in force at least until January 31, and due to the responsibility that is demanded at this time, the management has decided to postpone the local assemblies that it had planned in 55 locations without being able to set a date for their celebration. . This will lead to a concentration of the process in subsequent months of which the party will report on new dates, subjecting the calendar of local assemblies to the evolution of the covid in the Community.

During the last months, the provincial president of the PP, Carlos Mazón, has highlighted the organic activity that the party is showing, with the activation of all the deputy secretariats, different campaigns such as collecting signatures against the Celaá Law, the campaign against illegal occupation housing or affiliation, with which more than 400 new affiliations have already been collected, putting an end to one of the problems encountered due to the limited mobilization of the party. The popular leader has also insisted on the work that the party is doing in many municipalities where it governs to reduce the tax burden.

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The objective of the also president of the Diputación is to get ahead of the rest of the parties to shore up local leadership or elect new ones. In fact, he set a date and place for the start of the renovation process. On January 29 it was going to start in Benidorm as a starting point to save a total of 55 municipal structures for about a month. However, the PP has been forced to cancel this act and delay this first round in which the leaderships of the main cities such as Alicante, Elche or Torrevieja were going to be addressed, where the party is stronger and there are better affiliation data . Mazón decided to leave the municipalities where the organization is weakest, such as Orihuela, with the mayor of the PP, Emilio Bascuñana, ruling with the support of Ciudadanos, since its nine councilors were insufficient to form a government; Alcoy, with the growing leadership of the socialist mayor and spokesman in the Diputación, Toni Francés; and the regions in which the PP also suffered the most difficulties in the elections, such as Medio Vinalopó, where it has a limited power space and the main mayors are controlled by the PSOE.

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