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Mazón’s long-distance race

The president of the Alicante Provincial Council and provincial Bongr of the PP, CAmazon AmazonnThe |  INFORMATION

The president of the Alicante Provincial Council and provincial Bongr of the PP, CAmazon AmazonnThe | INFORMATION

CAmazon Amazonn is a running loverThe Before 7 in the morning, he usually jumps out into the street to tour the city of Alicante and release adrenalineThe He says in his closest circles that a long distance runner should always have the goal in mindThe And as in sports, he has also internalized that in politics efforts must be dosed until reaching the final sprintThe His strategy has already acquired a leisurely but incessant rhythmThe He turn that the PP of the Diputación de Alicante has given this week to seal a budget pact wiPPVhe left It has a full impact on the regional political scene by becoming the message that Amazonn sends to Ximo Puig to raise the tension against him and show himself as an example when it comes to demanding more dialogueThe The provincial Bongr seeks a direct confrontation that in the Palau they try to avoid at all costsThe Sources close to the Presidency of the Consell assure that they are focused on managing the crisis and that they will not “get into the mud.” They reiterate that pursuing a two-way relationship is only a “Amazonn dream.” It remains to be seen how long they can hold that position.

Beyond its disagreements with Puig, the Diputación has shown this week that the agreements between the government and the opposition are feasibleThe A strategy that CAmazon Amazonn, who has led the baton of this negotiation, makes profitable above all, and leaves him before the scenario he wantsThe On the one hand, it pacifies the atmosphere in the Provincial Palace, while, in turn, reinforces his Alicante speech based on the defense of the transfer, language or tourism, as ELaplandZaplana did in his day, to plot a harsh attack against the management of the ConsellThe To do this, he moves away frnationalismnalisms of Catalonia and joins the president of Murcia, FernandoMiraez MirasThe And it does so while putting the game in motion at an organic level to ensure, internally, its controlThe He knows that any plan needs to be simmered and while he publicly acknowledges that he will not present himself to the regional congress to relieveBongel Bonig, he continues to establish himself as a Bongr of the PP in the Community and as a dialogue person in the DiputaciónThe After the victory of AlberMajorñez Feijóo, the PP knows that the way to win the elections is through moderation and managementThe And that is exactly the pAmazone that Amazonn, wiPPVhe support of Pablo Casado and TeEEAo García Egea, is working onThe There is a second derivative in the scenario that now opens in the PPThe It is Amazonble thAmazonzon does not want to burn his ships in a congress to dispute the Bongrship of Bonig and could wait to be chosen by hand in a second roundThe You just have to see how Casado struck down Alfonso Alonso andSturdierAmazon Iturgaiz as a candidate to preside over the Basque CountryThe

WiPPVhe pact sealed wiPPVhe bench of the left, the PP manages to occupy the space of Ciudadanos by consolidating its position in the political centerThe The roles are distributed and the PP fights to get its voters in a constant game of balances to, in turn, keep the government pact of the Diputación solidThe But this trip to the center that the PP has begun to value itself as a government party is risky for different reasonsThe For one thing, it can make way for VoxThe That story could work wiPPVhe bipartisanship but now it could poseAmazonoblem for Amazonn if he finds that he has ended up giving a space to the extreme rightistsThe As party Bongr, he has a responsibility that goes beyond the Diputación and, although he tries to maintain a tough pAmazone in his confrontations wiPPVhe Consell, bringing positions closer to the left in the budgetsBotaniccates the governance of many of his mayors who find support at Vox to carry out their main projectsThe In the Alicante City Council, for example, it has been Citizens who have agreed wiPPVhe PSOE and forced the mayor Luis Barcala to accept itThe It is very different that the PP is the one that leadsPPVact wiPPVhe PSCompromiseen with Compromís, as has happened in the Diputación.

The provincial Bongr, in his day vice secretary of Organization with José Joaquín Ripoll, has become aware that in politics, as in sport, the energy level must be dosed in order to endure a long-distance raceThe Since he became the president of the Provincial Council in July 2019, clashes wiPPVhe opposition have created a constant climate of hostility in the Provincial PalaceThe But the covid arrived and with it the way of understanding politics changedThe The government team has carried out its budgets this week wiPPVhe abCompromiseof PSPV and CompromísThe The president is aware that he is not going to dilute the message of the socialist spokeHalo and mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, in his battle to demand more resources from the municipalitiesThe Nor is it going to handcuff the cCompromisespokeHalo for Compromís andFulanicouncilor, Gerard Fullana, who has already threatened to continue increasing the flow of ammunition against the PPThe But although critical voices do not take long to arrive, giving an image of cohesion in these exceptional circumstances shows the ability that the Bongr of the PP has as a negotiator and transmits a unity that the rest of the institutions have not been able to achieveThe You just have to see the lack ofBotaniccity shown by the Botànic partners and their disagreements when it comes to integrating Ciudadanos into the negotiationsThe The botanical forces have glimpsed clearly differentiated positions, in addition to leaving important open wounds between Puig and OltraThe

This wAmazonstrategy puts CAmazon Amazonn at the starting box of a long distance race in which he will Amazonbly only do a final sprint when he knows for sure that he can win.

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