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McDonald’s and Starbucks reduce their hours of operation as infections by Omicron advance

Hours of operation ultimately depend on the owners of each franchise, so will vary from location to location.

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You’d better check to see if your favorite McDonald’s and Starbucks will be open at their usual hours, as these chains are reducing their hours. This in response to the wave of infections by Omicron.

This measure is a direct response to the lack of workers caused in part by Ómicron. So because McDonald’s can’t have enough restaurant workers to stay open all the time, the best chain is focusing on reducing hours, now operating 10% fewer hours at locations around the world. country.

Hours of operation ultimately depend on the owners of each franchise, so will vary from location to location, according to information from The Takeout.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski also said he hopes this will help with the restaurant’s speed of service, which has been affected by labor shortages. Some locations have previously tried to combat the problem of labor shortages by lowering the minimum age of workers to attract younger workers.

At Starbucks, even bigger changes could be made in the coming weeks. “With the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, we have all been forced to adapt again. Your Starbucks experience may look different each time we navigate this dynamic situation in each of our communities. You may notice that some stores will have reduced hours, that some products may not be available or that mobile ordering and payments are temporarily disabled in your store,” the coffee company said in an email sent to customers.

Starbucks has faced many challenges during the pandemic to keep its key ingredients available and keep workers happy so they don’t lose them. The chain is also giving its customers subscribed to its rewards program the opportunity to delay the expiration date of points earned through the Starbucks Reward program until April 1.

If these two chains, which are among the largest in the country, are beginning to make changes of this magnitude, it’s probably only a matter of time before other similar restaurants follow suit.

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