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McDonald’s launches contest where it will give FREE fries for life

On July 13, McDonald’s will celebrate World Famous Fan Day with a huge promotion.

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McDonald’s will launch a very good promotion tomorrow July 13 to celebrate the new loyalty program that it will offer nationwide. Previously, the chain of yellow arches celebrated July 13 as National French Fry Day, but this year they will rename the celebration and celebrate it as World Famous Fan Day.

On this day, all participating McDonald’s locations will be giving free fries to members of the MyMcDonalds Rewards program, which officially launched across the country last Thursday.

McDonald’s is also hosting a contest called “World Famous Fan” in which 66 restaurant fans will earn 1 million points from the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program and one fan will win free fries for life, which is a prize valued at $ 19,685.

Alycia Mason, McDonald’s USA vice president of media and digital experience, said in a statement that the chain has the best fans in the world who deserve to have these benefits because of their loyalty to the company.

Mason said McDonald’s are eager to reward restaurant fan loyalty by giving them free food for years to come.

To get free fries tomorrow Tuesday, you must download the McDonald’s app, sign up for the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program, and add the medium fries offer to your shopping cart when making a purchase.

The World Famous Fan contest begins July 13 and continues through July 20, in accordance with the contest rules posted on

From July 13-20, you should post a tweet saying why you like McDonald’s so much. You can do this using only text, or also image and video.

Make sure to tag the account @McDonalds and put the hashtag #MyMcDonaldsFanContest, as well as your state’s postal abbreviation (such as #CA from California or #TX from Texas) A jury will select the winners evaluating the publications for their creativity, originality and artistic expression.

Contest grand prize winner will win two medium fries per week for 50 years. The prize value of $ 19,685 includes $ 5,905 that the winner can use for taxes at their discretion.

66 regional winners will also be chosen, each earning 1 million reward points, delivered in four deposits of 250,000 points over two years. These winners will also receive $ 250 in taxes. The total value of the prize is $ 950.

It should be noted that in August 2018, McDonald’s held a contest to win a McGold card that gave a winner two free meals a week for 50 years. The award was valued at $ 52,350.

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