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McLaren Artura, the hope of Woking

McLaren Artura, the hope of Woking

McLaren Artura, the hope of Woking

The best of electrification is yet to come. This message of hope is not only valid for the most staunch environmentalists, but also for those who are passionate about cars. The technology that must change our style of mobility will also be in charge of keeping the automotive flame alive. A promise that takes shape with releases like that of McLaren Artura, the first plug-in hybrid of the British supercar firm. It has a combined potency of 680 CV, it is rear wheel drive and weighs only 1,498 kilograms.

Regarding the choice of the name, suffice it to say that in English mouths it sounds evocative and even sexy. Not so in Latin languages, which have taken the opportunity to let the imagination that characterizes us so much fly. In conclusion, from McLaren Artura the least relevant is the denomination. This supercar has a new platform, developed to accommodate a thermal-electric binomial that grants up to 30 kilometers of autonomy thanks to the presence of a 7.4 kWh battery.

The heart is gasoline

The ECO proposal, for calling you in some way, from McLaren start with the engine gasoline V6 3.0 liter, biturbo, which yields 585 CV power. This block is supported by a second electric, of 95 CV, integrated into a completely redesigned dual-clutch gearbox that weighs only 15.4 kilograms. This transmission is in charge of moving the Artura in reverse, in electric mode.

As a plug-in hybrid that it is, this car with an elegant and sensual design will be able to circulate without emitting a single gram of CO2. Will do it until 130 km/h, moment in which the thermal propellant will be activated to reach, if we want, the 330 km/h maximum speed. The electric thrust is also key to sign an acceleration 0 a 100 km/h in solo 3 secondsTherefore, a system of carbo-ceramic discs of 390 millimeters in front (six pistons) and 380 mm in rear (four pistons) is more than necessary.

Maintains the essence

During the presentation of the Arthur the firm of Woking he ventured out with a promise: not to produce an SUV under his legacy. A spirit that draws from the rivers of competition and innovation to create extremely light vehicles. For this, it has worked on a unique system, developed from scratch to save a 25% weight in the cabling and maintain the monocoque structure in carbon fiber.

About the environmental badge ECO, and no ZEROMcLaren’s response is to be expected: their customer is not dependent on that sticker. Yes, you will benefit from a high-performance sports car with an average consumption of 5.7 l/100 km and some emissions 129 gr / km the CO2.

What the Artura customer will value most, without a doubt, is respect for the British essence. A consideration that is obvious due to its rear-wheel drive, key to maintaining the pure and aggressive sensations that characterize this firm. More than enough to consider a purchase that starts from the 259.500 euros without taxation.

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