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MEC scholarships 2022-2023: who can apply for them, minimum requirements and how to apply

we will explain How to apply for the MEC scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year, which is the aid given by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training for students who need financial aid to continue studying. we will tell you who can choose themthe minimum requirements that must be met for it and how to apply.

The application for these scholarships can be submitted from March 30 to May 12. How much money is received, that already It will depend on each personal case, the average grades or the economic situation of the person. All this will be calculated with a series of fixed and variable amounts, ranging from a minimum amount of 60 euros onwards.

Who can apply for scholarships

We are going to start with a small list in which we will tell you what kind of students can apply for these scholarships granted by the Ministry of Education and FP. If the studies you are doing are those on this list, you will be able to apply for scholarships.

  • 1st and 2nd year of high school
  • Basic degree FP.
  • Intermediate and higher grade FP.
  • Courses to prepare and access the FP entrance exams.
  • Professional and higher art education
  • Language teaching in Official School
  • Sports teaching
  • higher religious studies
  • Preparation course for access to university for people over 25 years of age, taught by a public university.

As you can see in this list, third-cycle studies or doctorates, specializations or university degrees are not included. Those who are doing them will not be able to opt for these scholarships. They can only choose those who are studying one of the studies on the listalthough they will also have to meet a series of requirements.

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What requirements must be fulfilled

To access the call for these scholarships, in addition to carrying out some of the studies on the list that we have put above, you will also have to meet a series of academic and financial requirements. Both obtaining scholarships and their amount will depend on these requirements.

The minimum academic requirement to apply for the scholarship is to have an average grade of 5 or higher. If you are studying FP, Primary, Baccalaureate or ESO, You must have passed all subjects except one. Come on, it will only be allowed to have a fail to receive these aids, and the course repeaters will not be able to choose either.

If you are in a course that works through modules, You must prove that you have passed 85% of the course hours in which you are enrolled. What’s more, at university levels you will need to pass a minimum percentage of creditswhich are 90% for Social and Legal Sciences, 90% in Arts and Humanities, 80% in Health Sciences, 65% in Technical Education, and 65% in Sciences.

Regarding the financial requirements, these scholarships try to be oriented for those who really cannot pay for their studies. For this, the real estate income of the applicant’s family unit cannot exceed 1,700 euros. In addition, income from economic activities or participation in entities cannot have exceeded 155,500 euros.

Also, you should know that the amount of scholarship you aspire to receive depends on the threshold of the family incomeand what’s up three types of thresholds. These thresholds and all the conditions are specified on this page of the ministry where all the details of the call are explained.

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How to apply for the MEC scholarship

Headquarters website

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is from March 30 to May 12. Therefore, the request will have to be made between those days. Once May 12 has passed, you will no longer be able to apply, and you will not be able to apply for the scholarship.

In addition to this, to request you will need to register at the electronic office of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, which is through which the procedure will be done. Its website is sede.educacion.gob.es. You can register both with a digital certificate and with your ID and a password by following the steps that appear when you click on the option sign up.

Once registered, the information about the scholarships will appear in the electronic office once the period for requesting them has begun. In it, you will also be explained how to sign the documents, something that can only be done by the person who is going to enjoy the scholarship or, in the case of being a minor, their legal guardian. On this web page you will also be given all the information about the scholarships and you will see, when the term opens, the forms to fill out.

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