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Mechanophilia: “I have sex with cars”

Edward Smith caring for one of his cars

Edward Smith caring for one of his cars

Who more, who has practiced less sex inside a car. Either because it gives you the heat with your partner right there or because, especially in youth and lacking your own home, it is your private space with more intimacy. But there are people who suffer mechanophilia, a kind of paraphilia that leads them to feel sexual attraction by motor vehicles such as automobiles, motorcycles, boats, or helicopters. The most paradigmatic case is that of Edward Smith, an American man to whom the British BBC dedicated a documentary, entitled “My car is my lover”, after it became public that he had “had sex” with more than 1,000 vehicles.

It is not very common, but in 2013 a British citizen captured the media attention when he was discovered in the middle of the street “copulating” with his Land Rover.

Apart from the recurring presence of typhophilia in science fiction movies, where it is usually with robots and humanoids, has also been captured with cars in the cinema. The eschatological French film “La Grande Bouffe” includes a scene of a man and a car in the middle of an intimate act, although it does not end well.

But the question that anyone comes to mind after reading all this is …

How do you make love with a car?

If you’re thinking of the sly, easy answer to “stick it up the tailpipe,” no. Each typist will have his modus operandi, but in the case of the aforementioned Smith he assures that he does not usually go beyond kisses, licks, caresses and rubs with its body or upholstery. Obviously, there are those who culminate their sexual arousal masturbating on or inside the vehicle.

Smith claims that he once had in his youth sexual relations with women, but they were not satisfactory. Since At 13 years old began to be sexually attracted to cars only being intimate with cars and motor vehicles.

He names them, like Vanilla, his 1974 white Volkswagen Beetle, his great love. Now almost in his seventies and faithful to two or three cars he owns, he admits that in his youth he was quite promiscuous, even doing it with cars that he saw parked on the street.

His wildest and most intense experience, he relates, he lived with a helicopter. However, it is not only sex, but also loveas he speaks to them, recites poetry to them and even sings to them. He says he is not sick or hurt anyone, it is just that he feels that urge. In some countries it is considered a perversion and its adherents are placed in a sex offender registry.

Smith riding a trio

If you think that Smith’s case is unique, there are internet typist forums where hundreds of car lovers in the most literal sense. And no, the favorite of most of them does not seem to be the Mitsubishi pajero.

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