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medal yearnings from day one

  • The most optimistic forecasts speak of exceeding the 22 metals of Barcelona 92.

One of the questions that is repeated the most in the hours before the start of the Olympic Games has to do with the number of medals that the Spanish delegation will bring home. The sensible absences of Rafael Nadal Y Carolina Marin -both were podiums in Rio- have reduced the euphoria and also the most optimistic forecasts. But the Olympic family now captained by other leaders (Craviotto Y Mireia Belmonte were chosen flag bearers) has more than thirty metal possibilities. They never all come together, sometimes not even half. But in almost all the pools a collection is forecast very close to twenty. And nobody rules out exceeding 22, the magic number of Barcelona 92.

The first options

As is tradition, the cycling performance will be the first major focus of attention after the opening ceremony. The Valverde and company aspire to emulate Samuel Sanchez, which allowed the inauguration of the metals harvest from the first day at the 2008 Beijing Games in Asia. In addition, this Saturday we will have to be attentive to Fran Garrigós and Julia figueroa in judo; and very close, at the taekwondo headquarters, watch out for two options as real as they represent Adrian Vicente Y Adriana Cerezo. They arrive with great force.

On Sunday we will be glued to the tatami for the second day in a row. In judo they will bid for metals Ana Isabel Pérez Y Alberto Piper; and in taekwondo he aspires to reach the final rounds Javier Pérez Polo, with a theoretically affordable frame. By then the Spanish basketball team will have started their way to gold, which will have as its first obstacle the host Japan. On Monday comes the triathlon, with Spring, Alarza Y Gomez Noya as main stylets. And we will not have to lose sight of another judoka, this one with the capped label like Raul Martinez; already Elosegui in canoeing (C1).

Tuesday, Maialen

It will be a great day if Maialen Chorraut reproduces his unbeatable feelings from the two previous Games, in which he managed to climb to the third step of the podium in London and the first in Rio. It will also be if it also accompanies Hugo Gonzalez from the pool. The Spaniard who achieved two medals in one hour -in the last Europeans of May- seeks to strike the bell when in his native Palma it will still be early morning. However, your best cards will be played on Friday in the 200 styles. Wednesday is the day marked in red by I am sherazadishvili, whom specialists consider the strongest contender for a medal in the remarkable representation of judocas with which Spain attends the Games. In addition, he was a football highlight with Saitama’s Spain-Argentina. On Thursday, the spotlights will point to the Olympic shooting pit, where Fatima Galvez It has credited plenty of reasons to appear favorite to the metals; and to the tennis courts, with the final rounds making their way into the fast-paced Olympic calendar. By then, the Spanish delegation will have been able to add another metal if the rowing girls meet.

The stars

The second weekend will be one of the great ‘flashes’ for some of the most brilliant figures of the Spanish delegation. The standard bearer competes Mireia Belmonte on Saturday (although not in his fetish test), he will do the mixed relay in triathlon (with real options for an Olympic diploma) and also the mixed relay in the pit; and on Sunday come the men’s and women’s hockey quarterfinals. Also, the number one in planetary golf Jon rahm could crown your way to the podium in golf, Ray Zapata will seek to retaliate for his sour performance in Rio by competing for a medal in Tokyo and Ana Peleteiro dreams of taking a triple leap to the podium from his talisman discipline, which celebrates its end in premium hours.

The candle, the great chest

Spanish sailing intends to once again be in Japan the great chest of medals for the national delegation (19 in total since Montreal 1976) and to recover the path of the podiums, which have only resisted it on two Olympic occasions of this century, in Sydney 2000 and five years ago in Rio. The director of the Spanish team, Santi López Vazquez, believes that it would not be crazy to speak of four podiums at hand. But the calculation is even more optimistic from within the Olympic family, where some of its components even see six clear options.

Super thursday

There is always a magnet day for medals. And this time it could well be the last Thursday of the Games. The favorite contest will coincide Sandra Sanchez in karate with a day conducive to our track cycling, a possible final for the boxer Jose Quiles, a double canoe trip to the positions of honor (K2 1000 meters and K1 200) and the race for the podium of the already medalist Orlando ortega at the Olympic Stadium. In athletics, our walkers could qualify for the podium if the big favorites, who are Chinese and Japanese, fail.

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The great final fireworks

Before the closing, Spain will rush its last metal options in team sports, where it has confirmed itself as a superpower. Soccer, basketball, water polo … And also, Damien Quintero He will have his day of glory if the competition planned in karate comes out; the last great revelation of Spanish athletics runs 5,000 meters and can inscribe on an Olympic medal what is his name (Mohamed Katir) and compete Saul Craviotto in search of the legend David cal, who can be equaled as the most awarded Spanish athlete in the history of the Games. And there will be more options in synchronized, track cycling and boxing before the Japanese capital takes over from the European Paris in a closing ceremony where the public will be absent and it will be time to take stock. Also for Spain, which dreams of reaching the last day to the top of medals.

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