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Medicate against hoaxes – Information

“This year we have seen many hoaxes about drugs and some have worried us a lot. One of the most serious, Prats recalls, was the one that affected hypertensive drugs. “Suddenly it began to circulate that the patients who took them were more sensitive to contracting the covid and many patients left the medication, with the danger that this entails.” It is not the only hoax related to the virus. “It began to spread that by putting antivirals in your nose and mouth, such as those used for herpes, you prevented the virus from entering the body. And there have been cases of people with injuries from using these products on mucous membranes. The false news that consuming vitamin D supplements the body becomes stronger against the coronavirus. “The problem is that an excess of this vitamin causes health problems because it accumulates in the body,” says Prats.

But the hoaxes already existed before the pandemic and affect both medicines, cosmetics or diets. Crushed aspirin to make skin peels, despite the risk of burns that it entails; products antihemorrhoids for dark circles or protein-based miracle diets that cause kidney damage… The repertoire is infinite. The greatest consumption of these hoaxes is done through WhatsApp and those who believe them do not have a specific profile. “Although young people use these programs more, then they tell their parents this fake news and they believe it.” Rosa Prats believes that the best way to combat this Fake News is for the pharmacist to be informed in order to dismantle these hoaxes. In this way, in the Alicante event, workshops have been organized, with a «Scape room» format so that apothecaries can distinguish these hoaxes and dismantle them.

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Digital transformation

In the conferences that have been held at the Palacio de Congresos, there has also been talk about what the pharmacy of the future will be like. A pharmacy in which communication technologies will be much more present. “There will be patients with disabilities who do not need to go to the pharmacy,” says Vicente Baixauli, president of the Spanish Society of Clinical, Family and Community Pharmacy. Thanks to file exchange programs, these patients will be able to send their prescriptions to the pharmacy and receive the medications at home, along with the advice provided by the pharmacist. For this reason, pharmacists ask Health to allow them to have direct communication with family doctors and to enable home care programs.

According to Vicente Baixauli, the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of pharmacies in 10 or 15 years. One example is that paper recipes have practically disappeared.


  • The consumption of antibiotics prevents covid. False because antibiotics do not work against viruses.
  • The use of hypertensive makes the patient more sensitive to the coronavirus. False and dangerous because of the risk of stopping this medication.
  • Crushed aspirin peels are good for the skin. A badly done chemical peel can cause burns.
  • Cancer drugs bought in China. Pharmacists warn of this growing practice.
  • Cure diabetes in seven days with cloves and cinnamon. The “Health without hoaxes” foundation warns of this Fake News that circulates on the internet.
  • Magnesium chloride for the creation of collagen and cartilage. Another of the lies that circulates on the network.
  • Antihemorrhoids for dark circles. The use of this cream can cause serious injuries to the skin and eyes.
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