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Meet the new Opel Mokka in Elche from April 14 to 16

Funny, young, dynamic, energetic … A magnet for looks. The new Opel Mokka is a car designed to awaken emotions and that shows the way forward for the brand. The second generation of this successful model has been commissioned to release the new front image of the German house, the Opel Viewfinder. The same goes for the redesigned “lightning bolt” logo: the Opel Blitz, and the location of the model name aligned in the center of the tailgate. The new Mokka is also the first Opel to include the Pure Panel, a fully digitized driving position.

The new Mokka is available in 100% electric version as well as with engines combustion. If you want to know it in first person, you have a unique opportunity to do so from April 14 to 16 at the dealership Opel Grupo Marcos de Elche.

You want to know more? Let’s go there.

The new Opel Mokka is a car designed to awaken emotions

A design never seen before

With only 4.15 meters in length, It is SUV shows clearly and boldly what the new Opels of the decade will be like: pure, precise and reduced to the essentials. Like a car fresh out of a mold: uncomplicated and high-quality, with a powerful, cutting-edge appearance in every respect. The exterior design of the new Mokka is not only bold and pure, but also aerodynamically very efficient.

The most striking feature on its front is the new and unmistakable Opel Vizor: the new face of the house seamlessly integrates the grille, LED headlights and redesigned “Opel Blitz”, the lightning bolt logo, in a single element.

The interior also reflects a clear philosophy: Opel designers have attached great importance to digital detox. The new Pure Panel integrates two panoramic screens and focuses on the essentials with a exclusive and clear design, in contrast to driving positions overloaded with information and controls. In addition, in order to avoid possible distractions for the driver, it has been ensured that the operation of the system is as intuitive as possible.

The most striking feature on its front is the new and unmistakable Opel Vizor

Electric or combustion: you choose

The new Mokka is available in a 100% electric version as well as with combustion engines.

The petrol and diesel engines, with a cheerful response and low consumption, offer power from 100 hp to 130 hp.

In addition, the Opel engineering team has worked hard to reduce weight and improve body stiffness, saving up to 120 kg compared to the previous generation. The benefits are obvious: the new Mokka has considerably lower consumption and offers a much more direct response, agile and greater driving fun.

If we talk about its electric version, the Mokka-e It has a powerful and silent 136 hp electric motor. The driver can choose between three driving modes: Normal, Eco y Sport and the 50 kWh battery offers a autonomy of up to 324 kilometers before it needs to be recharged.

Whether using a charging point, a high-speed charging point or a cord for a household outlet, the new Mokka-e is prepared for all charging options: from single phase to three phase at 11 kW. Opel offers a warranty of eight years or 160,000 km for the battery.

The new Mokka is available in a 100% electric version as well as with combustion engines.

Technological innovations

The innovations Opel offers in its new Mokka include:

  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist.
  • System of IntelliLux LED® matrix lightingglare-free and unique in the Mokka segment.

  • Electric parking brake and traffic sign recognition.
  • Panoramic rear view camera 180 degree, parking assistant automatic, side assist and vehicle warning in the rear view mirror blind spot.

Pablo Juan, manager of Opel Grupo Marcos Elche Antonio Amorós

“The new Mokka breaks with current trends and stands out within the SUV segment.”

Pablo Juan, Manager of Opel Grupo Marcos Elche

What can the Opel Mokka offer us compared to other similar SUVs? Why choose it?

Fun, modernity and the ability to ride with zero emissions. A model that also surprises with impressive proportions and captivating precision.

This New Mokka is the first model to feature the brand’s new front end and the new generation fully digital booth.

The aesthetics of the German compact SUV is truly impressive, with that robust and futuristic look that gives it the new design of the firm. The interior is a true technological revolution, with a horizontally extending instrument panel integrated into two widescreen displays.

In general, the designs of today’s SUVs are sleek, but they are all very similar and conservative. The New Mokka break with trends and stands out from this trend that generates similar vehicles, adding personality to a bold and original product.

In what price range does its “traditional” and electric version move?

As always, price matters, although more and more it does so in terms of quota and not total price. There are different types of purchase that allow the customer to release your New Mokka with a small fee, including including different types of service such as insurance, maintenance and warranty. I speak of the purchase with final value, renting (both companies or freelancers as individuals), leasing and even financing without entry.

In this way, this new model would be placed with quotas between € 200 and € 300.

Interiors of the new Opel Mokka. Antonio Amorós

How is the German house betting on the future?

The launch of this model is proof of Opel’s commitment to the future, since, for the first time in the history of the brand, the New Opel Mokka is available with an all-electric variant, with great autonomy and that is prepared for all charging options, single-phase or three-phase at 11KW: from a wall charging point, a high-speed charging station or a cable solution for a domestic plug.

In addition to reinforcing a wide range of vehicles with zero emissions: What Grandland, Corsa, Zafira Y VivaroWe expect new launches in the remainder of the year, so we predict a promising future.

What facilities can we find at the Opel Grupo Marcos Elche dealership to acquire the new Mokka?

All of the world. We have a great team of professionals focused on create a great customer experience and that the purchase of your new vehicle is as comfortable and simple as possible, with a wide variety of financial products, as well as on offer, and making our entire range of new, KM0 and second-hand vehicles available to you.

At Grupo Marcos we have been satisfying the needs of our clients for more than 50 years.

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