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MeetDeal establishes its international expansion base in Barcelona

MeetDeal establishes its international expansion base in Barcelona

MeetDeal establishes its international expansion base in Barcelona

The start-up francesa MeetDeal just locate in Barcelona his base of operations in Spain and its international expansion centerl. The company, which through its digital platform accompanies customers in the process of buying a vehicle, has become a reference for many brands that rely on its services to establish a closer and closer relationship with the user.

From MeetDeal a strategy has been drawn up that allows brands to qualify the needs of their potential customers and generate new interests. The main objective is give a service of the highest quality to the consumer and accompany him at all times in his purchase process. France was its launching platform and in 2020, 19% of the vehicles sold on the market (306,000 cars) had the support and advice of MeetDeal in their purchase process.

“We are facing a reality in which digitization is having a massive impact on the business models of the industries. Companies must adapt to this new environment and place the customer at the center of sales activities, since the B2B models will be determined in the near future by the end customer. It is clear that consumers want our interactions to be both digital and with direct human contact and thanks to MeetDeal I am convinced that we can strengthen this clear trend “, admits the head of the brand’s business in Spain. Emilio Godes.

Humanize the process

The objective is humanize the buying process of a vehicle and therefore the MeetDeal technological platform allows contacting the customer through an interlocutor, not a machine. I know establishes a chat from which the client can clarify all their doubts. This chat is available seven days a week, between seven in the morning and twelve at night. “Our digital solutions allow us to speed up the conversion and the path to an effective sale thanks to the fact that we break the coldness of the process with advice by specialized experts “, he explains Dildos.

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In this extremely crowded sector, “90% of users refuse to communicate their phone number in a form to receive an offer throughout your vehicle buying process. MeetDeal’s omnichannel solution, thanks to the development and execution of innovative methodologies and algorithms, allows brands qualify the needs of your potential customers, generate new leads increase knowledge for the client with live video transmission “, he says the head of the company in Spain.

MeetDeal was born in France in December 2017 from the hand of Frédéric Torreilles to make life easier for consumers and has not stopped growing since then. In June 2018 Jeremy Clanet He joined the project as Managing Partner Director to develop the client portfolio and structure the client relationship team.

Its headquarters are located in Rivesaltes (France), and its Spanish base is currently in the neighborhood of New town from Barcelona. Accompanied at all times by the Occitane region and BPI France, MeetDeal is considered the flagship of French Tech Occitane and is currently working with major brands in France since its inception. The company’s workforce is made up of a total of 70 people between R&D, Data Analyst, Marketing or Customer Relationship Experts and a growth of 40% is expected by the end of the year.

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