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Megan Thee Stallion, Beyoncé’s ‘goddaughter’ who triumphs at the Grammys, rap and Instagram | People

More than 21 million followers contemplate Tina Snow, which is what Megan Thee Stallion calls herself on Instagram, in your explicit profile of this social network. However, although the numbers from her networks seem to proclaim that she has it all done, this rapper is still beginning to take her first steps into real life fame. So much so that on the night from Sunday to Monday the young woman, 26, became the revelation artist of the 63rd Grammy Awards. Her media and musical power was demonstrated when the young Texan won two other awards: those for best rap performance and best rap song, both for the theme. Savage. To collect the latter, she did not go on stage alone, but was accompanied by none other than Beyoncé. In fact, the award went to both of them for that duo, with which they got for the first time two women to win the award for the best rap performance for the remix of Savage.

It has been precisely the female artist with the most Grammy in history who has given Stallion and his career the definitive push, after five years of experience, thanks to recording a version of that song with her. In solitary, Savage has 280 million views on Spotify; with Beyoncé, more than 290. But Stallion’s most successful song is WAP, along with Cardi B, who has more than 720 million views on this popular platform and who performed in an applauded performance on the Grammy stage. In fact, both maintain a similar aesthetic, which they showed last night dressed in galactic silver suits and dancing non-stop on stage. Their looks groundbreaking, with huge nails, a taste for shiny latex and reminiscences of the nineties, has made her become the image of the covers of magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar en EE UU.

Thee Stallion was born in Texas, specifically in San Antonio, although she moved to Houston – Beyoncé’s hometown – when she was just a baby with her mother, Holly, who was also a rapper and took the girl with her to her rehearsal sessions. . She raised her alongside the girl’s grandmother, a special education teacher — who was with her at the Grammys — and her great-grandmother, a self-made businesswoman. His father was in prison. “My father was my best friend, but the first eight years of my life he was in jail,” he said in an interview in Marie Claire in April 2020. “When it came out, we were together every day. I saw how he treated my mother, and how he treated me. I have such strong positive influences that I am not going to lower my standards, “he said. Her father died when she was in high school, and two years ago she lost both her mother and her great-grandmother.

Holly was always the girl’s main influence, who as a child suffered bullying at school, with insults from her classmates. Her mother encouraged her to be firm with her stalker, and she did, at just seven years old. Real name Megan Jovon Ruth Pete (stallion means “stallion” in English, because since she was little the girl was tall —177 centimeters— and very big and received that nickname, common in the south of the United States), the little girl began to write letters when she was 16 years old. So he asked his mother to have his own musical career, but she begged him to wait a little longer, until he was 21, and she accepted. Holly came to see the success of the young woman, but not in all its splendor: she died in March 2019. At that time the rapper also lost her great-grandmother, to whom she was also very close. But he decided not to slow down: “My mother would not have wanted it.” The day after his funeral he went to an interview on a radio.

Precisely the collaboration of the song that has now made him win a Grammy with Beyoncé was born as a solidarity proposal in pursuit of the Texas that Stallion was born and grew up with. Both the great pop diva and the almost newcomer share their Texan origins and in April of last year they released a new version of Savage (released just a month before) with the intention of raising funds for the fight against covid, and donated everything obtained from it to the charity association Bread of Life Houston to help those affected by the pandemic. “I’m literally crying because being from Houston, Texas, this means absolutely everything to me,” Thee Stallion wrote then on her Instagram profile about the new collaboration.

The relationship between the two singers is warm and friendly. The young woman assured in Magazine Variety about their teacher that they talked “constantly”. “He has treated me as if I was part of his family, and now I feel that we are,” he said. The two met at a New Year’s Eve party organized by fellow musician Jay Z, Beyoncé’s husband, in which, he says, he thought he was going to faint when they introduced her. “In the first five minutes of conversation I felt as if I had known her forever,” the rapper said. “It’s crazy, because my mother was a big fan of Beyoncé and she used to make me see a lot of things about her,” she once said. In fact, she declares herself “the number one fan” of the artist and has recognized that she takes her very into account when deciding whether or not the material she produces is of quality.

Also, in July 2020, when Thee Stallion had surgery on her foot, Beyoncé sent her flowers and a loving card. The surgery was due to a fight between the rapper and another singer, Canadian Tory Lanez, who shot him in the foot when they were both coming back from a party at Kylie Jenner’s house.

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