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MEM Fest gives voice to creators

Opening a space in Alicante for the artistic and intellectual creation of women is the main objective of the MEM Fest, the Women in Movement festival, which opens this weekend in Alicante and will offer the public a dozen workshops, conferences, performances, monologues, debates or artistic activities at Las Cigarreras, MACA, Pynchon & Co Bookstore, Flow Espacio Vivo and Söda Bar.

Organized by the Magenta association and with the help of the Bräpalá collective, the festival arises to respond to a need, as the organizers point out: «It is evident that women have a smaller space in cultural programming and it is important to make women visible who believe in this field “, says Sol Spinelli, a member of the team of a festival whose contents are the work exclusively of women,” but all men are welcome so that they can appreciate our talent.

“The festival has a feminist base but it is neither exclusive nor radical. We simply want to value the capacity of women in a heterogeneous way, from sociology to the plastic arts ”, adds Spinelli.

The festival, which has received a grant from the Department of Culture in the call for cultural projects, aims to have continuity over time and lay the foundations to hold an annual call and convey the expression of women.

In this first edition, artists and thinkers from the national and international scene participate, with guests from Belgium or Mexico, as well as from Madrid, Catalonia or the Basque Country.

The Faneka group, together with the Alicante doctor and stand-up comedian Ana Peiró. | INFORMATION / ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

MEM Fest kicks off on Friday the 22nd at 7:30 p.m. at the Caja Negra de Las Cigarreras with a performance by the choreographer and performer based in Brussels Inés López Carrasco, Y tú de qué eres, which explores the mother-daughter relationship based on body movement and a sound file. In the same center, at 8:00 p.m. the music of Faneka will be played by a group of four women who move between folk and progressive rock, while the day closes at 9:30 p.m. with the “eletrorganic” sound of Jhana from León. Beat.

The second and last day, on Saturday, begins focused on artistic creation. Starting at 11 a.m., the Explain historians offer a guided tour of the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA) to publicize the work of artists that are part of the museum’s collection, such as Juana Francés, Esther, Ferrer, Carmen Calvo or Elulàlia Valldosera, which opens the exhibition on Friday. That same morning, the Mexican urban artist María Antonieta Canfield will create a mural in the Alicante neighborhood of San Antón.

In the afternoon, López Carrasco will give the workshop on moving body, Gender Memory, at Flow Espacio Vivo and the Bilbao visual artist Estíbaliz Sádaba Murguía will present feminist projects such as Womanhouse or Acción nº2 at Pynchon & Co, which will be followed by a lecture by Natalia Hirtz the feminization of migration and the Alicante doctor Ana Peiró, together with Mariola Penedés, will offer the monologue Cositas de chicas. Dismantling myths from medicine, to end with a session of female djs at Söda Bar ..

MEM Fest gives voice to creators

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