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Memorial Day 2021: 10 food and restaurant discounts and promotions for the holiday

The weekend dedicated especially to the celebrations related to Memorial Daand, it’s here. The truth is that it is a very special date for many families in America, it is a time to honor fallen service members and also to recognize those who are still in uniform, as well as veterans. Although Memorial Day is officially celebrated year after year on the last Monday of May, there are many attractive offers that live throughout the week, which will not only make our lives easier They symbolize good savings!

While some restaurants may still have COVID-19 restrictions, many are fully open and offer discounted or even free meals for veteranss. Many of the offers also apply to active duty and reserve military, as well as spouses and families, the celebration weekend is sure to be a lot more delicious and fun with these promotions. And of course, it is the perfect excuse to welcome the summer with the right foot.

10 succulent food promotions for this Memorial Day:

1. 99 Restaurants

The famous chain of family-friendly restaurants and varied American food, ranging from irresistible ribs to an attractive variety of dishes with lobster, is joining in the celebration and offers military members and veterans with military identification a 10% daily discount.

2. Boston Market

Who doesn’t love how delicious and practical Boston Market is? Its irresistible roasted chickens give rise to all kinds of delicacies, ideal to share with the family without much pretense and with the richest garnishes. Best of all, they are joining the celebration by offering a 20% discount to Veterans Advantage members.

3. Bub’s @ the Ballpark

Its relaxed and casual atmosphere offers a wide range of rich snacks, appetizers and drinks to have a great time with friends and family. This time they put on the shirt with a 15% discount for the military with their corresponding identification.

4. Bubba Gump Shrimp

For seafood loversWithout a doubt the Bubba Gump Shrimp is an all-time favorite. The famous chain of seafood restaurants, inspired by the 1994 movie Forrest Gump, is a great option to enjoy with the family. They offer a 10% daily discount to military and veterans.

5. Buffalo Wild Wings

Nobody can resist the combo that are good freshly prepared wings with that unique spicy touch, a very cold beer and some French fries, the perfect alternative to celebrate in a simply delicious way. Military and Veterans will get a 10% discount at Buffalo Wild Wings, always with valid ID.

6.  Burger King

For those who prefer not to go out to restaurants and buy something simple to eat to enjoy in the comfort of home with the family, Burger King will be the ideal option. It offers a 10% discount to military and veterans, and depending on the branch and the day they will offer gifts in food.

7. Feltman’s of Coney Island

Of course the hot dog lovers You won’t be left without a rich alternative, Feltman’s of Coney Island offers a special 15% vacation discount on site for military personnel, veterans and civilians. It also includes their new Beefed-Up Burger Bundle, which brings together two of the most requested summer staples on the menu in one package: 100% natural Feltman hot dogs and Pat LaFrieda’s famous Original Blend burgers. Use the code “Parade15” until June 1, 2021.

8. Cafe Rio

Fortunately, there are offers for all tastes and Mexican food could not be absent, which is why Cafe Rio joins the recognition in a quite generous way since they offer a 25% discount from Tuesday to Sunday, always with valid identification. For those who live in Virginia and Maryland, the 50% discount is the most attractive and you can enjoy it the “Military Mondays”.

9. Chuck E. Chees

Did you think we were going to say goodbye without a delicious pizza alternative and fun? Of course not, Chuck E. Chees will offer great discounts for the military and their families, with attractive packages. “The Alpha” includes 45 chips, a large pizza and four drinks for $ 26.99 (original value of $ 40), and ” The Bravo ”offers 100 chips, two large pizzas and four drinks for $ 44.99 ($ ​​65 value) Wonderful!

10. Hooter’s

For those who like to eat well, while enjoying sports and in a good atmosphere, visiting Hooter’s is a great weekend experience. We are all familiar with their delicious menu of wings and snacks to share, although for those who like to eat well they will always have a succulent burger available. Hooter’s offers a 20% discount on all food orders To-go for active duty, retired and veteran military personnel. And on Monday, which is the official celebration of Memorial Day, they will also offer free meals from a special menu created for veterans with purchase of drinks.

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