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Mercadona donates more than 11,200 units of hand soap to the Alicante Food Bank

The director of the Food Bank, Juan Vicente Peral, and the provincial director of External Relations of Mercadona, Luis Consuegra

The director of the Food Bank, Juan Vicente Peral, and the provincial director of External Relations of Mercadona, Luis Consuegra

Mercadona, a company of physical supermarkets and online sales, has donated more than 11,200 units of hygiene and personal care products, in this case, jliquid hand fertilizer, al Alicante Food Bank. So far this year the company has donated more than 61 tons of essential products, equivalent to more than 1,000 shopping carts. In 2020, Mercadona donated 427 tons of products to soup kitchens in Alicante, specifically to those of the Social Association La Prosperidad de San Gabriel, La Sal de la Tierra in the Pla and Alicante Gastronomic Solidarity neighborhood, as well as the social dining rooms Al-Taufik from Elche, Extiende Tu Mano de Dénia and Alimentos Solidarios from Torrevieja. Among these collaborations are also those carried out with different charities such as himself Alicante Food Bank, Cáritas and Red Cross, among other.

This amount means a increase of more than 216% in deliveries of food and other essential products to social entities compared to the previous year, as a consequence of the current health and economic crisis. These donations are the equivalent to 7,100 shopping carts and they are carried out through collaboration with the soup kitchens and charities of the province of Alicante mentioned above. As well customers have collaborated with the donation of 143 tons of food, which is equivalent to more than 2,300 shopping carts, in the different kilo operations that have been carried out throughout the year, as well as in the large collection organized by the Alicante Food Bank in the province.

Juan Vicente Peral, director of the Alicante Food Bank, has commented that: “Mercadona began to collaborate with us years ago and we have to highlight its great social commitment with this entity”. Luis Consuegra, provincial director of External Relations from the supermarket chain, stresses that “the company, in its firm commitment to stand alongside the most disadvantaged groups, intensifies its responsible model collaborating with the entities and soup kitchens of the province ”.

Sustainable social action

“One of the commitments that Mercadona maintains with society is to share part of what it receives from it, and that is how the company conceives success. It is about being sustainable and responsible with all stakeholders, demonstrating with facts the values ​​and commitment to the society that characterizes it. This is how the Social Responsibility Plan of the company, which takes care of the social and ethical component through different sustainable lines of action that reinforce its commitment to shared growth “, they explain from Mercadona.

Along with donating food, Mercadona collaborates with 32 foundations and occupational centers in the decoration of its stores with trencadís murals, made by more than 1,000 people with intellectual disabilities, such as the La Xara Occupational Center in Dénia (Alicante).

Another strategic line of the Social Responsibility Plan is the sustainability. To do this, it has a own environmental management system, based on the principles of the circular economy and focused on logistics optimization, energy efficiency, responsible waste management, sustainable production and reducing plastic.

In this sense, Mercadona, together with its Totaler suppliers, explains that it is working on the Strategy 6.25 to obtain in 2025 a triple objective: reduce 25% of plastic, that all the containers of this material are recyclable, and recycle all the plastic waste. In the last seven months, Mercadona has been adapting its stores in Spain and Portugal to the 6.25 Store model, which will be extended to the entire chain during this year. In Alicante today there are already 23 supermarkets transformed into stores 6.25. In addition, it works on the sustainable urban distribution project and the improving air quality in our cities through trucks and vans powered by cleaner and more efficient technologies.

Since 2011 Mercadona is partner of the United Nations Global Compact for the defense of fundamental values ​​regarding human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

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