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Mercadona gives the note in the ranking of the best supermarket milk according to the OCU

Like every year, the Organization of Consumers and Users makes an exhaustive analysis of all the milks that are on the market, looking for the highest quality brand and the one with the best quality / price ratio. This year there is surprise on the podium.

There is a lot written about milk. Each brand claims to be the best and the one that gives the most quality, waging a war that is about charging the maximum possible price. But white brands do not enter that battle, who promise to give the same but costing half.

For all this, experts always try to find out which brand best represents the balance between quality and price. And if we can trust anyone in this matter, it is the OCU, the Organization of Spanish Consumers and Users that does so much market analysis.

Today we focus on milk, a food that is essential in the diet of millions of people and that, in Spain, is consumed at all ages. For something we have part of the national territory plagued by cows. By the way, here the best brands of household appliances.

The OCU specifies that the most consumed milk in our country is semi-skimmed milk. We are talking about the fact that 46.5% of the milk sold is semi-skimmed, with an intermediate amount of fat (from 1.5 to 1.8%) between whole milk (3.5% fat) and skimmed milk ( 0.5%).

For the study of the best milk, the OCU has analyzed 38 brands of semi-skimmed products on the market, and fortunately for all, the result has been very good in generalmaking it clear that Spain enjoys high-quality milk.

just coffee

You don’t choose whether you like coffee alone or with milk, it’s in your genes

Despite the high overall quality, there are differences. That is why we leave you the milks analyzed by the OCU from best to worst:

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The best rated semi-skimmed milk brands by the OCU

  1. Squire (Mercadona)
  2. The Good Shepherd (Carrefour, El Corte Inglés)
  3. Clesa Bienatur (Alcampo)
  4. Llet Nostra (Catalonia)
  5. Beyena (Basque Country)
  6. Paschal
  7. Alipend

The surprise is given by Mercadona, who has the semi-skimmed milk of the entire market, despite being one of the cheapest on the entire list. Interestingly, another white brand, such as Alipende, holds the 7th position of the best brand. Let’s now see the worst brands.

Semi-skimmed milk brands worst valued by the OCU

  1. Semi-skimmed Auchan (Alcampo)
  2. semi-skimmed supersol
  3. Semi-skimmed Xoia (Feiraco Dairy)
  4. semi-skimmed strip
  5. Who’s the boss semi skimmed
  6. Solar (Milk River Group)
  7. President semi-skimmed
  8. semi-skimmed condis

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It is surprising to see that in the worst milks there are brands like President, reputed company regarding all kinds of dairy products. Its high price together with its low quality takes its toll on the analysis.

Having seen the analysis, it is our decision who we buy the milk from next time, but it seems that the choice is clear and the brand is called Hacendado.

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