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Mercadona percarbonate | The perfect product for whitening clothes and removing stubborn stains

More and more traditional products are once again taking center stage in terms of housework and cleaning it means. In our section of Decor, where we collect these types of articles, we already told you about Beltran soap and from Volvone And now we will tell you all about another ally in the cleaning that will surely be familiar to you: sodium percarbonate.

It is a chemical substance that has no color or odor, is soluble in water and that has become one of the essential products for removing stains from clothing more effective. It can be used directly in the washing machine but should not be confused with the sodium bicarbonate. This kind of white powder stands out because it does not damage tissues.

Mercadona, and more specifically its brand Bosque Verde, has this powerful bleach that, in addition to not having harmful effects on the environment, is really economical. A 750 gram package it costs less than two euros.

How to use sodium percarbonate

Its use is very simple since you only have to add it to the detergent drawer to enhance its effectiveness. Choose the clothes you want to put the laundry in, pour in the detergent and fabric softener, and then add a tablespoon of percarbonate. You must choose a program in your washing machine between 30 and 40 degrees.

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If you want to use it in a white laundry you can use more of the product to achieve a totally effect bleach. About three tablespoons for a full washing machine will be enough. We have found it highly recommended for wash pillows, especially the white ones since it destroys the typical yellowish spots that we leave with the passage of time when sleeping.

Among its multiple functions is also to end the more difficult stains like chocolate, coffee, red wine, or blood. For these types of situations, we recommend that you mix the powder with hot water until you get a dough. Then rub with a brush, let it act and put it in the washing machine. Eye! because if you use it with colored clothes it could damage the fabric, so it is best not to try.

Mercadona percarbonate | The perfect product for whitening clothes and removing stubborn stains Mercadona

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