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Mercedes-Benz EQS: First contact with the electric ‘S-Class’

The presentation of the Mercedes-Benz EQS we had it marked in red on the calendar. And we really wanted to know if the car would live up to expectations: being the electric benchmark of a firm like Mercedes is not just anything. And after a brief but intense contact We can move forward that it met our expectations.

We had the two versions that are marketed in our country: EQS 450+ (117,125 euros) and EQS 580 4MATIC (146,625 euros). The former has a single electric motor on the rear axle that generates 333 hp and 568 Nm of torque. The EQS 580 4MATIC has a motor on each axle for all-wheel drive, which in combination deliver 523 hp and 855 Nm of torque. Both have a self-limited top speed of 210 km / h, and acceleration from 0 to 100 is 6.2 seconds in the first and just 4.3 seconds in the second.

The 107.8 kWh battery with OTA update it is the same for both models, with which the 450+ can go between 631 and 741 kilometers (681 – 824 in the city) on a single charge, while the range of the 580 4M ranges from 580 to 668 kilometers (618 and 722 in the city). The numbers of consumption, being between 16.7 and 19.8 kWh / 100 km in the case of the EQS 450+, and 18.5 and 21.4 kWh / 100 km in the EQS 580 4MATIC.

From the end of this year, the most performance version of the EQS range can be ordered, the AMG 53 4MATIC, although they will not arrive the first units until the end of spring 2022, when the EQE. The electric AMG will offer 639 CV and will have an approximate autonomy of 590 CV, although Mercedes-Benz has not revealed its price yet.

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The EQS, regardless of the version, has a 400 volt system (not 800V like some even lower segment competitor models) with a charging power of up to 200 kW in direct current, which allows you to recover from 0 to 80% of energy in just 30 minutes. In alternating current it can work up to 22 kW cn what the recharge time would be about 5 hours.

At the controls of the Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC

After this brief review of the technical characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz EQSLet’s move on to talking about sensations. For the first test with the electric saloon we chose the version 580 4MATIC.

The car imposes from the moment you stand in front of it. In its design combines the sturdiness that gives it its great bodywork and the AMG Line package that comes standard with any version in our country, with a extremely fluid silhouette. So much so, that this model is the most aerodynamic car on the market, with a Cd as low as 0.20.

But it is by accessing your interior when you feel that you are facing something different … a car that represents the definitive step to the future of the automobile. Not only because of the spaciousness, minimalism or the LED lights that decorate the entire cabin, but mainly because of the so-called MBUX Hyperscreen, a screen that literally occupies the entire front. Actually there are three panels under the same curved glass (Gorilla Glass): one that acts as a 12.3-inch instrument panel, a central one of 17.7 inch, and another in front of the 12.3-inch co-pilot.

Once seated on the very comfortable seats, and with all the settings memorized in the automatic system, we close the door and feel the same as if we had gotten into a safe, since the cabin becomes a watertight and silent space. A harmony that of course is maintained when we start the car, since the total absence of engine noise and the perfect soundproofing of the cabin makes you move in complete silence.

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This peace is only interrupted by the voice of the browser when you get to the first corner. A system that, by the way, has augmented reality to guide us. Both on the immensi Head-Up displey and on the main screen, the guidance indications are superimposed on the real image of the road.

We drove the first kilometers through the congested streets of the center of Madrid, before the eyes of thousands of curious people who did not stop observing the car. Perhaps ostentatious lettering on the test vehicles had something to do with it, aside from the striking design of the EQS. The urban route helped us to see how graceful this vehicle is. If you take it to slow paces seems to slide and float on the asphalt. Everything is smooth: the steering, acceleration, deceleration … which together with the total absence of noise, the comfort of the seats, the infinite systems for comfort and infotainment and the spaciousness of the cabin, makes you feel the experience of drive, or almost let yourself go, for a PREMIUM vehicle with capital letters.

But if its ride quality already impressed us at slow rates, when we hit the road we simply fell in love with it. The sensation of volatility and buoyancy in the city is transformed into stability and poise when rolling at high speeds. When selecting the sport mode in its different operating maps everything becomes more ‘everyday’, since the noise returns when pressing the accelerator fully, although in the form of a pleasant electronic roar, the direction is firmer and more direct, and the car feels more glued to the asphalt. But one thing that remains electrifying: acceleration. And it is that to experience something like the 855 Nm of torque of immediate delivery of the EQS 580 4MATIC, you have to go to the star’s signature most radical combustion AMGs. And after having fun for a while, we return to comfort mode to travel the last kilometers on the highway enjoying the extreme quality of rolling that the EQS provides.

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We only have one last detail to highlight, and we noticed it when we returned to the center of Madrid. Walking its streets and parking the car, we value the effectiveness of the rear axle steering system. It is incredible how much this technology helps to drive a car like this with its 5.2 meters in length. And it is that thanks to this system, the turning angle of the EQS is equal to that of a small Class A.

We can conclude this brief but intense contact by saying that the EQS offers the ride quality andn city that is expected from the maximum electric and technological expression of a brand like Mercedes-Benz, as well as the road comfort of a car that is directly related to the superb S-Class. Except for small details that we will analyze in a longer test, we can say without fear of being wrong, that due to behavior, performance and technology, we are facing the rival to beat in the electrification race.


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