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Mérida’s fans dust off the bag

Fans lining up to sign up for buses. / merida ad

Promotion to First RFEF

As years ago in Ávila, Pamplona, ​​Langreo or Laredo, there will be a good number of Romans in La Nucía to add to the final for promotion

PR Merida

We are very surprised.” This phrase comes from the bowels of the Romano while the club’s workers do not stop registering one fan after another for Sunday’s trip to La Nucía. The fourth bus was completed late this Tuesday afternoon and the fifth, also free, will open on Wednesday. A sixth is even in the works, just in case. So far the expectations have come. Therefore, Mérida will request some 350 tickets from the Spanish Federation, and those who decide to travel in private cars and do not buy the ticket through the club, can do so through the organization’s website.

The first three buses came from the efforts of the sponsors Filmaex, Fibrix, Omniagas, Sybarit Gastroshop, A de Arco and La Oliva Pavimentos. And the last two from the Mérida City Council itself. Now the Mérida board will decide in the next few hours whether or not it will give away the tickets to the subscribers who travel as they did in the semifinal match last Saturday. The club estimates that the number of displaced people will double in length and could even reach 500 from Merida in the stands of Camilo Cano. And that the game will be on Sunday and not Saturday.

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Because there is no greater stimulant than victories. The hard core of a team’s fans is always there, a few hundred up, a few hundred down… but only in victories is the illusion, the desire, the madness uncovered. The traveling. Already in a semifinal, in which only one pass was won that did not guarantee anything else, and having to cross the entire peninsula from west to east, almost 300 Romans went to see their team in Alcoy. Some in back and forth bus rides and others in private cars and spending the night in Alicante. So for this Sunday final the jar of memories has been uncovered again.

There was a time, in a lower category, in which the Mérida fans pulled from all of Extremadura. He turned every home game into a party and every away game into a honeymoon. They will travel 20 kilometers or almost 600. Ávila, Pamplona, ​​Langreo, Laredo… And Juanma Barrero’s team is recovering those nostalgias. «On Saturday we were very protected. They gave war and it was noted that they were there. I hope that next weekend more people will come and the party will liven up, “said one of the costume captains, Javi Montoya, yesterday. «That they accompany us, that we need them. They are going to help us, ”Artiles has also released.

There will also be massive displacement from Teruel, which offer travel and entry to fifteen euros. Teruel’s fans will be located in the grandstand area, so the people from Mérida will probably have to go to the one they prefer.

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