Thursday, May 26

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Falcon He would not have deserved to bear the blame for, due to a rude mistake, losing a game that would complicate the options of finishing in one of the first two places in this second qualifying round for the Pro League. After an excellent career defending the goal of the Hercules, and being on multiple occasions the protagonist of rescuing points and matches thanks to his magnificent interventions, it would not have been fair that, due to a mistake in the meantime and so much success, he charged the result in his due, losing the match against Badalona, ​​which it would have put in a vertigo situation the pretended classification for the new category of 40 teams. Garrido and the balompedic justice prevented this bitter trance for the good of Falcón.

As from what was heard in the week prior to the meeting in Catalonia, in the city where basketball is not only played, Moyita deserves a point and apart. Thank you for your sincerity, for your nonconformity, for your ambition, for feeling the colors, for your professionalism. Thank you for me and my teammates –which we used to say, those of us who already combed gray hair when we played on the street–, thank you for all the fans, for the Herculanism in general, and thank you also for the technicians and managers, who will be aware that, Right now, they need players like you, who apart from your quality and dedication on the pitch, have and embrace the values ​​of a centennial club that cannot be satisfied with staying in the new Segunda B.

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For Moyita as for the Herculaneum family, getting a place in the Pro League is not a promotion, it can never be classified that way, and less when the team has not been able to qualify to fight for the positions that give the option of promotion.

You deserve my personal thanks for what has been stated, in days in which the easy thing is to take shelter in the practice of adapting to any circumstance, finished by enhancing the mere fulfillment of the minimum requirement. As a Herculaneum by birth, I have nurtured the spirit of the team since my childhood, in the La Viña field, in the Rico Pérez stadium, in my home by family tradition. He would recite the Hercules lineups of the sixties with Arana and Ramón, and of the seventies with Giuliano and Barrios. Those hymns that entertained the staff in the game preliminaries still resonate in my memory.

Even my mother, who did not like football, told me about the glorious years in which Maciá, the great captain of Santa Pola, or Tatono, the canary who distributed games and scored goals were heroes from another galaxy, giants of another era.

The merits are not available to everyone, the property had not been fine with the mess of the season tickets at the beginning of the season. With the announced departure of Ramírez, and outside of the summit that has determined the price of tickets for the two games that remain to be played at the Rico Pérez, the property has finally had a detail with the “five thousand” that populated the stands in times without a pandemic. This time they deserve recognition.

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