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Merkel and Macron address the Afghan crisis in Paris

Merkel and Macron met this Thursday at the Elysee.

Merkel and Macron met this Thursday at the Elysee.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, held a meeting in Paris on Thursday focused, among other points, on how to continue facilitating the departure from Afghanistan both Europeans and other threatened people.

“We must continue our efforts to allow some European citizens and threatened people to leave the country, provide humanitarian support to those in need and obviously support neighboring countries that have hosted Afghans,” Macron said at the beginning of that meeting.

Merkel’s visit is just a “work” trip and not a “farewell” trip to France before her imminent departure from office, because, according to the Elysee, The chancellor will return to Paris on a date yet to be defined and in which she will be honored both his person and his action in Europe and the quality of bilateral relations.

This meeting was therefore focused on the hottest current issues, such as the situation in Afghanistan, the Sahel and Mali, and on European issues such as the preparation of the informal summit of the European Council on October 5 and 6 in Slovenia.

“We will be particularly mindful of the Taliban’s relationship with terrorist organizations, because our security depends on it, “added the French head of state.

Afghanistan was also the main point of concern for the Chancellor: “We must see how we can help neighboring countries that host refugees and reflect on what the end of NATO’s commitment in that country represents for our future missions to combat terrorism. “, said.

Merkel also advocated evaluating “what lessons should be drawn from that experience that has not allowed us to achieve the objectives we had set ourselves.”

Their meeting and subsequent dinner also has its focus, they said, on the work of their respective countries to advance the common European agenda on climate and regulation of large digital platforms.

“There are many things on the table, I can’t forget that I have to go back to Germany tonight“, joked the chancellor, who said she was” very happy “to be in Paris.

Macron had received separately last week the two main candidates to occupy the German Chancellery, the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz and the Christian Democrat Armin Laschet (Merkel’s co-religionist).

According to the Elysee, the meetings were used to have an analysis “as precise as possible” on the situation in that country with a view to the federal elections on September 26, which will be unprecedented due to the abandonment of the chancellor after 16 years in office.

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