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Mesotherapy guns to remove wrinkles on the skin at home: types and differences

Beauty treatments are the order of the day and within them is mesotherapy, a way to eliminate facial wrinkles, although it also has other uses. Let’s see what it is, what are the pistols of such treatment and what benefits it brings.

Mesotherapy is becoming one of the techniques that aesthetic medicine uses the most in beauty treatments.

It is a technique that has recently grown quite a bit in demand, especially since mesotherapy guns can be found online at quite affordable prices in many cases.

In any case, we must admit and warn you that, despite the fact that these pistols are for sale, there is no doubt that a professional must be the one who applies the treatment to us.

This is one technique created in 1951 by the French doctor Michel Pistor, which began applying small intradermal doses to patients with diabetes. As he saw that it was extremely effective, he began to use it in aesthetic medicine, but he not only focused on the face, but the rest of the body was also his objective.

Mesotherapy is an aesthetic technique that consists of application of microinjections with enriched substances that fight wrinkles, sagging, cellulite or localized fat, improving the appearance of the skin, making it look younger practically from the first moment.

This type of treatment belongs to what is known as alternative medicine, applying medications such as homeopathic, vitamins, minerals or amino acids, among others.

Advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has many advantages, and how could it be otherwise, since any treatment also has it, a series of disadvantages that we are going to talk about.

The positive of this technique is:

  • It allows regain elasticity and luminosity in the skin.
  • Normally it is used for face rejuvenation and the hair regeneration.
  • It is a procedure very little invasive.
  • The contraindications are minimal.
  • Normally, it is applied in only 15 minutes.
  • must be administered by a specialized doctoreither.
  • In more than 90% of cases, does not generate bruises.
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We can also talk about some disadvantages or contraindications that may occur, although they are not normal.

These are:

  • This contraindicated in pregnant and patients allergic to vitamins.
  • There is a minimum percentage of users where they can bruises appear.
  • Soft pain or moderate in a small percentage,
  • Some skin reactions.
These vending kiosks analyze your skin and prepare a personalized beauty cream

These vending kiosks analyze your skin and prepare a personalized beauty cream

Types of mesotherapy

As we have already indicated, mesotherapy can be used in multiple types of treatments.

It is a technique that is used in different ways, such as:

  • Facial: It is the one that is used as prevention for aging, for wrinkles and sagging. As usual, it is applied to the face and the aim is to get the face to have the luminosity of yesteryear. It is a treatment that many call the cocktail of beauty and it can be applied, in addition to the face, in the jowls, neck and décolleté area.
  • Capillary: what is tried is to strengthen the hair follicles and, in this way, encourage the hair to grow back healthy and strong. Medical and vitamin substances are applied in the area where baldness is suffered or the beginning of it.
  • Bodily: It is about taking care of all parts of the body to achieve a better overall appearance of the skin. Although it can be used at a general level, the most normal thing is to treat the waist, abdomen and cellulite.
  • electronics: this is the case of the so-called mesotherapy guns. This device is used to insert just 2 millimeters of microneedles into the skin and inject the exact amount of the relevant medication. It is an outpatient process of between 15 and 25 minutes. It does not require anything else, since it is not abrasive at all.
The fashion of selfies increases plastic surgery operations.

Selfies trigger cosmetic surgery operations

mesotherapy guns

These types of pistols are considered as revolutionary elements in aesthetic medicine, since they have made it much easier to carry out any type of treatment. Both facial, body or capillary.

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These types of products allow the exact dose to be applied, without possible mistakes or failures, in addition to the fact that no liquid is lost between one administration and another.

All the treatments that can be done with mesotherapy guns are extremely light, in addition to lending themselves to a multitude of aesthetic techniques due to their great versatility and good performance.

There are three types of mesotherapy guns:

  • electromechanical gun: this type is characterized by acting with force on the plunger of the syringe to carry out the injection by micro drops. The best part is that you can always make the incisions the same way, however you like.
  • electronic gun: In this type, the injection is manual by means of an electronic button, which is pressed without any effort. It has the ability to have an automatic mode, which does not even need to be pressed, since it injects when the needle is inserted. They have another interesting feature as they can be used in areas of the body with an irregular surface.
  • electronic gun with chip: We are talking about electronic guns with a microchip and multiple pins, which use microchannels to introduce medicines. It is the pistol with the best results immediately, something that can be confirmed from the first session.

In general, this type of pistol has a Ergonomic design so that they are valid both for people who are right-handed and for those who are left-handed.

They are easy to hold, because their weight is usually very well achieved, in addition to the fact that they usually have a control with touch management that is programmed in a simple way, with the possibility in many cases of having several injection modes already preconfigured.

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Many of them even allow us program certain functions such as the memorization of the last setting, the volume of the syringe (if any), the depth of penetration or the speed of injection, to give you some examples.

Mesotherapy guns can be purchased online in online stores such as Amazon, there are interesting models that range from affordable prices for anyone to some that are clearly for complete professionals.

If you feel capable of carrying it out yourself (we advise professionals), models such as Mesogun, CKAN or FBK may be interesting for you.

From now on you will know a little more about what mesotherapy is and what its benefits are, knowing also that there are certain contraindications, as is normal in any type of treatment for the body, whether aesthetic or of any other type.

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