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Mesquida and Villanueva snatch the lead from the Flethes brothers




With the celebration of three new tests, this Friday the second of the four days that will complete the 420 Spanish Championship has been resolved in the Cadiz bay. With a total of six tests already underway, a change of leadership takes place, now in the hands of the Balearic crew of Marc Mesquida and Ramón Jaume Villanueva, two points ahead of the Andalusians Fernando and Carlos Flethes, second, with third place in the hands of the Canary Islands Paula and Isabel Laiseca, new also in first place among the females.

The heads-up between the Balearic Islands and Andalusians began with a puncture, with 26th place for the visitors and 8th for the locals who, thanks to the possibility of discarding with the fourth test, left things as they were.

After that, both crews got more excited reaching the tie after the fifth race, with a 2nd for the Balearic Islands and a 5th for the CN Puerto Sherry sailors in a race in which they were forced to penalize themselves at the start for a port/ starboard. Thus, for the second consecutive day the last test of the day was the decisive one to mark distances, which Mesquida and Villanueva achieved with a 2nd place against a 5th place by the Flethes brothers.

Tomorrow, the Balearic Islands will defend first place overall and Sub 19, a category that in the women’s category continues to be led by the champions of the Spanish Cup, the CN Arenal sailors, María Perelló and Marta Cardona, tied fourth overall with the Laiseca sisters in the absolute. Second and third place for the men’s U19s is still in the hands of the crews of the Canary Islanders Jaime Ayarza and Mariano Hernández and the champions of the Spanish Cup, the Balearic Islands Ian Clive Walker and Finn Dicke.

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In the Under 17 category, the Balearic crew of Marisa Alexandra Vicens and Fernando Barceló maintain first place in the men’s championship and already earn nine points from the Canarians and current champions of the Spanish Cup, Miguel Ángel Morales and Alejandro Martín, second, followed of the provisional women’s champions, Nicola Jane Sadler and Sofía Cavaco, also from the Balearic Islands, well ahead of their main rivals and favorites as current champions of the Spanish Cup, the Canary Islands Sara Díaz and Lola Hernández.

Among the hosts, the crew of the CN Puerto Sherry made up of Josete Ruiz and Vicente Hernández, fourth Sub 17 after two days, also stands out.

Today’s has been a very technical day due to the conditions of light winds of 8 knots of medium intensity, rolling from 190º to 240º in what gave the day. Tomorrow, Saturday, will be the third and penultimate day with the first departure scheduled at 12:00. Three new tests are planned that everything indicates will be marked by the east wind.

The 420 Spanish Championship, which is being held in the waters of the Bay of Cadiz, is based on the Bahía de Cádiz Specialized Center for Sports Modernization, headquarters of the Andalusian Sailing Federation, organizer of the regatta by delegation of the Royal Federation Española de Vela and the national secretary of the 420 class.

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