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Messi, 767 games, 661 goals

  • Leo opened the win with a monumental goal and closed it later the night he equaled Xavi’s record

  • The captain also gave the assistance to Mingueza after a corner kick made short

  • He made his debut in Montjuïc in October 2004 with Rijkaard on the bench and Laporta, whom he will meet again, in the box.

The goal was monumental, touching the sky, as indicated by the gigantic banner with a large image of Messi Y Xavi, both united by party 767 that makes them cohabit, and incidentally, at the top. Leo’s prior control was also monumental, as soon as he received the pass from Busquets that placed him on the balcony of the area. From there, the Argentine star drew an unforgettable canvas. A work of art, which is no longer given the value it deserves because it has become routine. But the supernatural, no matter how common it is, it is now 17 years old, it can never be looked at with the same eyes.

The control before Messi’s superb 1-0 1-0 was already a monument of cunning and intelligence

The control was already in itself a tiny work of art because Leo built the space necessary to weave an impressive left foot. For his precision, he capriciously hit the crossbar twice before crossing the goal line.

Due to its poisoned effect, the ball seemed to mock the laws of physics, traveling from the outside to the inside before detecting the corner where the goalkeepers, however agile and fast they may be. Y Alvaro Fernandez, the goal of Huesca, it is. Defined with exquisite mastery, the control then hatched a beautiful left-footed shot.

From PSG to Huesca

Beautiful because Leo scanned the landscape of a lonely Camp Nou while he drew an extraordinary goal in his mind. Curiously, also from outside the area, as he did last Wednesday in the Parc des Princes. There, against Paris SG, he unleashed a furious kick with his left leg from a distance. It was approximately 35 meters.

There was violence and fury that shot, which beat Keylor Navas. Nothing comparable, however, to the powerful and demonic shot with which he brought down Huesca. It was not as far as the Champions League. But the difficulty was that he dodged the imagination of the Huesca defense.

Being Messi something like this could be expected. Or not? Being Leo, perhaps, it was one of those wonderful goals that he signed since his debut on October 16, 2004 in a stadium that has not hosted football games for years.

It happened on the Olympic mountain of Montjuïc when Frank Rijkaard, who was starting the virtuous circle, already with Laporta in the box in his first stage, ordered a change that would change, and forever, this sport. It was the 82nd minute of the derby with Espanyol. Deco left and a teenager entered (Leo was 17 years, three months and 22 days old) when he started dribbling under the cauldron of Barcelona-92.

From 30 to 10

He wore a little football back then. He had 30 taking over 10, a number at the height of his greatness, when Messi inherited the jacket in which Ronaldinho’s smile was disguised to illuminate the Camp Nou. And since then, almost 17 years ago, he has become the absolute monarch of Barcelona, ​​already installed as the footballer who has played the most games in its history. Along with Xavi, whose record will last less than a week because he will be surpassed by the captain at Anoeta next Sunday.

Nine of La Masia

This list of ten privileged people actually contains a whole message. Nine (Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Puyol, Piqué, Valdés, Rexach and Amor) are children born in La Masia. Only Migueli, that impetuous Ceuta central, arrived from Cádiz, breaks into such a select list coming from outside. A message that in times of economic misery such as those experienced by Barça acquires even more forcefulness. If there is no euro, look down. Out of conviction and out of sheer necessity. It will depend, of course, on what Messi says.

Only Migueli has slipped out of La Masia in the list of the 10 players with the most games with the Barça shirt

It may interest you

While Leo sits in the new office that Laporta will occupy from tomorrow, the ball does not stop passing sentence. His wonderful goal against Huesca was number 20 in the League, a figure that he has already repeated in the last 13 seasons, something unattainable for any earthly player. But it has been known for decades that Messi is an alien who walks through the fields with the Barca 10 on his back.

It lives in space, it has a home in other galaxies, and every time the ball travels across the grass it becomes something unreal. Crazy. When in a few years, with Messi already become an ambassador or what he wants to be for Barça, he wonders what happened on an inhospitable night in March 2021 (every game without an audience is inhospitable because the soul is lost, the true essence of the game ) will once again throw their hands at their heads, astonished at the picture he painted in a few seconds on the Camp Nou frame. Busquets gave it to him. It seemed like an irrelevant pass. But it became the prologue to the messianic storm. 767 games, 661 goals.


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